Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where are the men of God in America?

Some are sleeping with the enemy. 

In a system where police officers regularly kill unarmed African-Amercian men without facing trial (with overwhelming evidence that crimes were committed), yet no charges against the white police officers. It is disturbing that the same system sentenced me, an Africian-American activist, for up to 10 years imprisonment with absolutely no evidence. It was politically motivated charges. 

I'm a black minister from a small black town in Michigan who only wanted to help his community through the voting process but was set up by backward whites and a few butt-kissing blacks determined to maintain monopoly on political power controlled by the Whirlpool Corporation. Old Jim Crow is still alive and well on the banks of Lake Michigan. Berrien County, Michigan may be the most racist county in the country and have the most racist judges.

It is not all about racism, its about the haves against the have nots, rich against the poor, good against evil. When will the men of God stand up against evil and fight back?

Martin Luther King took the church that was inside a building and put the church right inside the community, but when He was killed, the preachers, government, and corporations took the church that was in the community and put the church right back inside the building. 

When will the men of God stand up? You do not live forever. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess to God. We must say enough is enough and stand up to the corruption in the government and in the corporations. We can not forget the most corrupt justice system in the world. 

We must stand together and fight back. We can win together. Together we stand and divided we will fall.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Prisoner # 294671
Marquette Branch Prison
1960 US Highway 41South
Marquette, MI 49855