Monday, February 02, 2015

The Lynching of Rev. Edward Pinkney

   The New York Grand Jury failed to indict officer Pantaleo on Dec. 4, the 45th anniversary of the murder of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton by Chicago Police.
   The predawn shooting was the result of collusion between the local police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Illinois State's Attorney office to neutralize Fred Hampton and the work of the Illinois Black Panther Party. 
   We are in another state of emergency and we need solidarity with all groups who are willing to stand for that which is right.
   On Nov. 3, 2014 I was convicted by an all white jury (that was motivated by something other than the truth) with absolutely no evidence.
   I made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom for all. The question: Is freedom for all worth the ultimate sacrifice for you? I made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom for everyone against a corrupt system which will attempt to crush you if you take a stand. 
   We must stand together and fight -  and we can win!