Monday, August 25, 2014

Hearing in Lansing September 4

Press Release

Contact Rev. Edward Pinkney

Clarity Hearing Sept. 4, 10am
State Capitol Bldg. Rm. 426
Lansing, MI

The hearing is for approval of petition language for the recall of Berrien County Clerk, Sharon Tyler because of her actions described below.

First, Benton Harbor residents carried out a successful petition drive to recall their mayor, James Hightower.  County clerk Sharon Tyler illegally gave the signed petitions to sheriff deputy David Zizkovsky.  Deputies then went to Benton Harbor residents' homes and intimidated some into signing statements that they didn't know what they were signing.  And, Pinkney was accused by
county prosecutor Michael Sepic of changing petition dates.  (During a hearing, atty. John Anthony LaPietra told the court that the clerk, elections administrator, and prosecutor all had "dirty hands.")

More happened after that, but let's skip to the point of this email:

Volunteers from all over the county will be collecting signatures to recall Tyler for:

1.  Allowing the Berrien County sheriff's department to remove the mayoral recall petitions from her office without a warrant, subpoena, or judge's order.

2.  Filing a lawsuit against herself to stop the mayoral recall election.

3.  Requesting $20,000.00 from the residents of Berrien County to file an appeal of Judge John DeWane's decision to place the mayoral recall on the Nov. 4 ballot.

So far, residents from the following towns will join the petition drive:  Berrien Springs, Coloma, Stevensville, St. Joe, Buchanan, New Buffalo, Niles, Benton Harbor, and Benton Township.

For more information on the recent Whirlpool/government shenanigans regarding these recalls, visit

You may not see Whirlpool up front in these activities, but there isn't a person in Berrien County who doesn't know that "the corporation" controls every single thing from behind the curtain.