Sunday, June 15, 2014

Open letter from a mother who loves her son

"My main concern about attorney Ernest White is that he is supposed to help or defend my son Demareo Allen, but instead he is not helping my son and not allowing him to call witnesses on his behalf.
Ernest White was intoxicated many times in the court house.  I saw him in court on the day of my son's sentencing.  He was intoxicated.  Demareo was sentenced to 45 years for being in possession of the drug, Essence.
Attorney Ernest White has had at least two alcohol related incidents in recent months, and many, many over the last ten years.
Attorney Ernest White will be arraigned on the contempt of court charge on the same day he is sentenced for the impaired drunk driving charge."
    We must stop all corrupt judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys in Berrien County and all over the US.  Courthouse corruption is severe in Berrien, but it's an increasing, life-ruining problem everywhere.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Burn Baby Burn
Burn all NAACP Membership Cards