Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pinkney Arrested Just In Time for the Sr. PGA Tournament

Since the Senior PGA tournament was being held for the second time on stolen Benton Harbor land, a May 24 protest march was organized by Rev. Edward Pinkney.  However, he was arrested days before the tournament.  Berrien County sheriff and deputies along with Benton Harbor police surrounded his house and drove repeatedly around his block in a "show of force."  They are receiving orders from above to intimidate him and continue the policy of keeping the town in a state of seige and constant fear.

The protest march was well organized by Pinkney, and was able to go on without him.  Speakers stated that corporate strings were pulled to have him put on house arrest, and be given the order not to use his computer.  Both Pinkney and Benton Harbor resident James Cornelius have been charged with election fraud.  The trumped up charges allege that these careful and lawful men changed dates on petitions and had people sign petitions twice.  Both have court hearings in May.  Pinkney's is May 30, 8:30am, Berrien County Courthouse.  At the May 24 protest Cornelius said he had to resort to using a court appointed defense attorney, and that the sheriff showed up at his door repeatedly regarding the petitions.

Protesters marched through Benton Harbor demanding that activist Pinkney be released while awaiting trial.  Jim Bussler, a republican candidate for Michigan US House 6th District seat challenging Fred Upton, attended the march and stated,  "I thought that in America one is innocent until proven guilty."  Obviously, not in Benton Harbor.  Pinkney has been charged with a non-violent crime and has not been convicted of anything.  

Ray Kirkus contacted Pinkney with news that he was present at a recent Berrien County GOP event where fellow republicans were celebrating Pinkney's house arrest.  Kirkus, republican candidate for the Berrien County Board of Commissioners 9th District seat, said that officials were trying and convicting Pinkney in a public forum before he had a fair trial.  He stated that he was simply looking for the truth.

Rick Briand, also present at the event, agreed.  He said Pinkney should not be on tether.  
"If it can happen to him, it can happen to any of us.  It seems like he has already been found guilty."  Briand is a republican candidate for Berrien County 11th District seat.

Bussler on the Emergency Manager (from his campaign literature):  It's a terrible idea to use Emergency Managers.  The EM law is disenfranchisement of the process.  Benton Harbor was under two EM's. The city remained under state control through the receivership transition advisory board appointed by governor Rick Snyder.  Anything the city commissioners pass must be approved by this board before it goes into effect.  

Freedom loving people from as far away as NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and LA attended the May 24 protest march.  New Yorker Ralph Poynter flew to support Pinkney and stated that his own struggle is for freedom of speech.

Pete Santilli, a web radio show host from, said he was in Benton Harbor from LA to kick off his 11 state Take Back America tour.  

We must say, "NO MORE!!"

Rev. Pinkney is gladly accepting calls: