Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benton Harbor's true enemies: Whirlpool, Harbor Shores, Snyder, Upton, Lakeland Hospital

Mass Demo in Benton Harbor, MI -- Sat. May 24

State officials claim Benton Harbor has resolved th debt issues.  Not so.  BH is worse off today than ever before.  We're still in handcuffs with no end in sight.  Gov. Snyder has executed a massive overreach of power here. We have higher taxes, no services, water bills four times higher than ever before, and the streets are in total shambles.  In 2012, when the PGA first came to BH, there was no profit for BH.  Our taxes paid $50K for police protection for golfers.  When is enough enough?

Meet at BH city hall, 200 Wall St.
Sat. May 24, 10:30am
Press Conference 11am

The enemies of BH are:

Harbor Shores
Gov. Snyder
Rep. Fred Upton, heir to Whirlpool
Lakeland Hospital

Why Lakeland Hospital?  For these reasons:

It is the second largest employer in the area and they will not hire black people.  (Well, not nearly enough.)
It's board of directors include some of the same who are on the Whirlpool board.
Black babies are born in the hospital, and too many of them die there.
Black people go in for pneumonia, etc., and die there.
Service is very poor for black people.

Two meetings have been held with hospital president Loren Hamel.  He promised residents things would change.  They have not.  Everyone is afraid of getting sick.

We need help.  Please attend the May 24 Demo!