Friday, March 28, 2014

Breaking News: Rev. Pinkney, FBI, and ACLU talking

New Buffalo is having a recall election on May 6, 2014. The Mayor of New Buffalo along with a Council member were recalled. However, the Berrien County sheriff and his deputies are not roaming the streets of New Buffalo intimidating voters.  In the last 2 weeks, they have knocked on over 200 doors in Benton Harbor, under the guise of an "investigation." They have not knocked on one door in New Buffalo.

All citizens have the civil right to recall or initiate a referendum by way of petition. To intimidate, harass, accuse, or use gestapo tactics to infringe on a citizens civil rights is a federal crime.

This practice was used in the 2011 mayoral election in Benton Harbor.  Emergency Manager Joseph Harris deployed police officers to voter precincts to intimidate residents. 

Now, the Berrien County Sheriff's department have created a police state surrounding the legal recall of mayor James Hightower. 

The Benton Harbor City Clerk verified 440 recall signatures as valid. The Berrien County Clerk verified 409 recall signatures as valid. The required amount to recall James Hightower was 392.

In spite of these results, the Berrien County Prosecutor is conducting a false investigation. 
Unfortunately, the media has turned a blind eye. There have been numerous Herald Palladium stories on the Benton Harbor recall, and none on the New Buffalo recall. There is a clear double standard that exists. Is this an issue of race. Benton Harbor is predominantly Black. 

These issues will be addressed in a class action lawsuit against James Hightower, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey, Prosecutor Mike Sepic, and County Clerk Sharon Tyler.

More information will be forth coming. 

Rev. Edward Pinkney