Monday, February 25, 2013

Slavery at the Oscars

Seth McFarland's Bigoted Banter

Joking About Slavery at the Oscars

During the last night’s tedious Oscar telecast, host Seth McFarland was talking about portrayals of Abraham Lincoln in film. He first noted Daniel Day Lewis in Steven Speilburg’s Lincolnand then Raymond Massey in the 1940 film Abe Lincoln in Illinois. “Of course,” McFarland said, “the actor who really got into Lincoln’s head best was John Wilkes Booth.” The crowd gasped and groaned, to which McFarland smirked in reply: “I guess 150 years isn’t long enough to get over it yet.”
John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln because Lincoln ultimately implemented John Brown’s strategy: Arm the slaves to destroy slavery. John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln because Lincoln planned to give the vote to a section of African-Americans. There will never, in this year or any other, be any humor in any of that.
This is not some dusty old history. At the February 11 State of the Union address, a United States Senator brought as his special guest musician Ted Nugent, who openly proclaims that the South should have won the Civil War. Nugent has been embraced and defended by Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is a close friend of actor Russell Crowe, who appeared on stage at the Oscars this evening and whose band has often played at functions for Governor Perry.
This is not a case of white against black. At the Oscars, Daniel Day Lewis won as Best Actor for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in a film which has been well-received by tens of millions of Americans of all colors.
This is a case of the vast majority of decent Americans versus a relatively small group of powerful men and women who want to drag America back to the 19th century South when the majority of Southern whites, despite certain petty privileges (often not including the right to vote), were hurled into the ditch of the slave and sharecropping systems right on top of the blacks. Today the one per cent intends to push everyone there except themselves.
It was hardly a coincidence that Seth McFarland went on from his joke about killing Lincoln to make fun of the homeless and of people who speak Spanish.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Protests April 3 & 4, 2013


April 3, 2013, 10am - NAACP Branch Office, 1000 U St. NW, Washington DC 20001.

April 4, 2013, 10am - NAACP National Headquarters, 4805 Mt Hope Dr., Baltimore, MD.
This will mark the 45th Anniversary of the assassination of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King.

The NAACP have failed to elevate, educate,agitate to liberate our people. On april 3, hundreds of activists will be in Washington D.C. lobbing congress to revoke the NAACP non-profit status. The NAACP is out of touch with the black community. The NAACP do not represent the black community and sell outs to the corporations. This is the reason more than 5,000 members has burned their membership cards.

 You much see video below

 For more information contact Rev. Edward Pinkney


Friday, February 15, 2013

Mass demonstrations in Washington & Baltimore

The leadership of the NAACP has betrayed the black community by sacrificing our present 
and future development. The organization accepts corporate donations (coup d'etat) and 
allows said corporations to control the black population.

When we look at the NAACP today, we see an organization in partnership with  corporations and other immoral agencies, all which contribute to the demise of Black America.  It is 
evident that the NAACP has lost it's way.  When a person or or an organization will do 
anything for money, they have simply become a prostitute.  The NAACP is a prostitute for
corporations and pimping our community.

The Bible says (Mark 8:36-37), "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole 
world, and lose his own soul, or what shall he give in exchange for his soul."  
The continued betrayals of the NAACP's leadership have driven disheartened members to burn over 5,000 memberships cards. The national leadership is out of touch with black 
America, to put it mildly. 

We see the NAACP as having betrayed and sold-out our community for personal gain.
The total sell-out to corporations and to big money interests renders the NAACP corrupt from the top to the bottom.  I believe the NAACP has never been concerned with black 
peoples' problems, but has functioned as a tool to keep black people in line.  The NAACP 
has been radicalized and worthless to black people.  The NAACP claims to represent our 
best interest. They have failed the black community and will continue to fail us unless the 
people take a stand.  The NAACP has climbed in bed with The Leadership Council on Civil
Rights who share neither commitment to nor the values of our community.

A race hustler is a David Duke in black skin. A pimp and a profiteer.  The NAACP has 
become a symbol for all that has gone wrong in the black community.

We will protest the NAACP office in Washington on April 3 and the
Baltimore national headquarters on April 4, 2013.

For more information contact Rev. Edward Pinkney.
We stand today as activists and represent a call in the land to demand an end to the corrupt
and wicked leadership in Black American life and especially the NAACP.  

To all of like mind, join us in our moral crusade to save our people and the nation from
divine judgment.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Pinkney to Pinkney show
Every Sunday, 5pm eastern time
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Benton Harbor Schools are in Shambles

February 2, 2013 By  

Teachers from across Michigan gathered in Benton Harbor to protest a public appearance by Governor Rick Snyder, who has slashed the state education budget. Photo/Brett Jelinek
Teachers from across Michigan gathered in Benton Harbor to protest a public appearance by Governor Rick Snyder, who has slashed the state education budget. Photo/Brett Jelinek
By Rev. Edward Pinkney
The Benton Harbor School system is in shambles. Some schools do not have heat. Others have no books. Test scores are the lowest in the history of the state. There is no order. When fights break out, the school board sends the students to the slaughterhouse (jail). The schools are the pipeline to jail. Berrien County already has more people incarcerated per capita than only one other county in Michigan.
Benton Harbor, a former industrial town, now has an unemployment rate of over 60%. The town is run by the Whirlpool Corporation. The school district is led by Superintendent Leonard Seawood. Four of the seven board members all vote every time in favor of the superintendent and the Whirlpool Corporation.
On January 11, 2013, there was a big fight at the High School. Police were called. Twenty-two students went to jail. The Superintendent and the School Board are blaming the parents for this deplorable situation. However, when you send your child to school, the school system has a responsibility to educate and protect the students. The leadership is in denial about its responsibilities, and about the real source of the problem.
The problem is that the children of Benton Harbor are being abandoned by an economic system that no longer has any use for educated workers. Computers and robots are taking over the assembly lines. The corporations will not spend money on workers they no longer need. So the children of Benton Harbor, and children across the country, are being housed in underfunded, dilapidated public schools. For profit corporate-run charter schools are set up, where corporations make all of the decisions about education, while public schools are left in shambles. Charter schools teach children not to question the system or to think for themselves. Public education is being transformed into commercial property. Around $750 billion is spent on public education in this country. The corporations want that money.  Meanwhile, corporate development in the town is creating million dollar homes and a signature golf course for the rich while poor children suffer in underfunded schools.
Fights take place almost every day in the Benton Harbor schools and the police are called three times a week. As long as a student is on school property during roll call the city can legally count the student present. This translates into money. The school superintendent wants the money, but does not want to care for the students. Nor do they want to deal with the parents. Seawood and his four school board members, and the Whirlpool Corporation, have failed the community.  Yet the school board recently gave the superintendent a 2-year extension for doing a good job. The teachers were asked to take a 10% pay cut.
As the jobs go, education as a birthright is being taken away. We are becoming a dispossessed group of the working class for whom capitalism no longer has any use. We need a vision of a new education system where everyone has the right to a quality education. We must demand that the government provide equal funds for every student. We must continue to fight against corporate greed. It is now or never.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rev. Pinkney at UCLA and USC

Rev. Edward Pinkney spoke at the UCLA and the University of Southern California before
the protest of the NAACP Image Awards on Sat., Feb. 2.

Rev. Pinkney said his goal was to educate the audience about the NAACP so more people would hold them accountable for their actions and inactions. The NAACP no longer fights for civil and human rights, and their immoral practices must stop.

Whirlpool and other corporations hve purchased the NAACP for a few dollars. Whirlpool Corporation leaders met with the Michigan state NAACP leaders and told them they wanted to support the NAACP but would not do so under Rev. Edward Pinkney’s leadership. So, the state NAACP removed Rev. Edward Pinkney from office as chapter president. The NAACP has sold it’s soul to the devil.

The NAACP is no longer relevant and does not support the black community.  We must stop the hand picking of black leaders. We must stop the exploiting of our communities by the NAACP. We must force the NAACP to promote justice for our community.

NAACP’s history of white leadership: The first NAACP president was a white man, who cared less for the black community.  His name was Moorfield Storey, a white Boston lawyer. He was president from 1910 to 1915, only five years. The next president was Joel Springarn who served from 1915 to  until 1940.  Springard was a well known liberal republican and one of the first Jewish leaders of the NAACP. He was chairman of the board from 
1913 until he died.  At that point his brother Aurthur became president and held onto that position from 1940 to 1965. From 1966 until 1975 the president was Kivie Kaplan, a Jewish American businessman from Boston. For the first 75 years all leadership roles were held by white folks.

The student were amazed that the NAACP was started, organized, and run by white people for many years. The NAACP did not have a black president until 1975 when Benjamin Hooks took the helm.

The NAACP has been deceiving blacks for over a century. Rev. Pinkney does not believe that the NAACP has ever been concerned about the black community. He believes their job was to be a buffer or gatekeeper. The NAACP rode the coat tails of Rev. Martin Luther King -- until he separated himself from them.

The NAACP is not relevant. The NAACP is a cruel joke.         

We are demanding that President Ben Jealous resign and allow the members to elect the president.

We now have 4,987 membership cards burned. Sunday during the radio program (see below) we hope to burn 300 more.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
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Burn all NAACP membership cards