Thursday, November 21, 2013

Should Whirlpool pay taxes? Benton Harbor must borrow 2.3 million dollars...

The question is: should Whirlpool pay taxes and water bills?  Benton Harbor residents must pay taxes and water bills.  

Whirlpool does NOT pay any taxes or water bills to Benton Harbor.

Mayor James Hightower, and City Commissioners Duane Seats and Sharon Henderson, all strong Whirlpool supporters, were the only ones at the recent commission meeting to support a 2.3 million loan the city must borrow from the
state to pay their bills.  These three did NOT support the city income tax which
would have produced 3.5 million dollars and forced the corporations to pay a
fair share.
The Benton Harbor City Commissioners voted 5-3 Monday to reject the emergency manager's deficity elimination plan which includes the 2.3 million
dollar loan from the state.  BH residents must pay this debt.
The city income tax would have eliminated the debt.  Commissioner Marcus 
Muhammad said he could not support the city taking on more debt.  "You can't cut your way out and you can't borrow your way out of debt," he said.  Those
are two basic principles of finance.
Whirlpool supporters want the city of Benton Harbor to now take out a 2.3 million dollar loan so Whirlpool will not have to pay their fair share of taxes an water bills.

Somebody needs ask Mayor Hightower how he can sleep at night when he continues to support and enable the greed of Whirlpool at the expense of
Benton Harbor.  Because of his corporate collusion, he is directly responsible for the most severe poverty in any municipality in Michigan.

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