Sunday, April 07, 2013

Washington DC Protest of the NAACP

Report from Rev. Pinkney 

The Washington DC protest of the NAACP this week was tremendous, exciting, and very successful.  There was plenty of media coverage.  Protesters came from all over - Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Colorado, and even Utah.  Represented were Black groups, churches, and community activists, along with BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community Organization.)

Being protested were issues such as the NAACP's role in the destruction of the black family and the black community, the organization's selling out to corporations and government, and their support of population control for black people.  African-Americans are the people who pay membership fees for the NAACP to support, defend, fight for, and lift up!
The only word that defines, the gross negligence of the NAACP is betrayal. They have abandoned morality, our communities, our economic and educational needs - all for corporate money.
The protest was also about the NAACP corruption from the top to the bottom. We are demanding that President Ben "Sell us" Jealous and the Executive board resign and allow the membership to elect the president and the Executive board.
We also demand that the NAACP non-profit status be revoked.
We will continue to protest the NAACP until it stands up for the black community and fights for civil rights.
One hundred and fifty memberships will be burned on Saturday April 6, 2013.  6,245 membership cards have been burned so far.        
Rev. Edward Pinkney
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