Friday, April 19, 2013

Jackie Robinson, the NAACP, and BANCO

Jackie Robinson knew that the NAACP was racist and ageist, and was using him to bring in members.  All during his trials and tribulations the NAACP never supported him.

Robinson took the first step toward integrating the sport's major league teams when he signed a contract to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. This gigantic stride prepared the way for the legendary feats of Willie Mays, Henry Aaron, and many, many more.  It was an early harbinger of the significant changes in contract negotiations, compensations, and the general status of professional atheletes, finally settled half a century later in the 1994-1995 baseball strike. 

Jackie Robinson's individual challenge to the accepted policies of organized sports demonstrated that changes were possible through the concentrated efforts of a player and a good union.

In 1967 Robinson resigned from the NAACP Board of Directors accusing the organization of being insensitive to the trends of our times, unresponsive to the needs of the community and to the goals of the black masses, especially the young people. The NAACP seemed to reflect a refined, sophisticated "Yassuh Mr. Charlie" point of view, the same as today. 

Robinson foreshadowed the identical charges made by dissidents that would nearly wreck the NAACP almost two decades later (1980's).  At the end of his life he realized that many blacks continued to lose ground and the NAACP was silent.  Robinson stated:  "I can't believe that I have made it while so many black brothers and sisters are hungry, have inadequate housing, are insufficiently clothed, denied their dignity, live in slums, or barely exist on welfare."

A Bit of NAACP History

The first president of the NAACP was Moorfield Storey, a Jewish Boston lawyer. He was president from 1910 to 1915. The next president was Joel Springarn, also Jewish, in office from 1915 to1940. He was also chairman of the board until his death and his brother became president, 1940 to 1965. Then Kivie Kaplan, a Jewish businessman from Boston, took control, 1966 to 1975.  The first black president was Benjamin Hooks (1975).

Jackie Robinson called the NAACP a racist group.  It was racist then and it's racist today.  The NAACP rode the coattails of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Charles Hamilton Houston, the and many other black leaders - and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  It was the media which incorrectly made the NAACP the voice of the black community.  

The NAACP is not relevant and does not support the black community.

African-Americans continue to give the NAACP and other poverty pimps a free pass.  

We are starting a grassroots organization called the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO). This organization will stand up for the people.  If you would like to join or need more information please contact me. 

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