Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rev. Pinkney at UCLA and USC

Rev. Edward Pinkney spoke at the UCLA and the University of Southern California before
the protest of the NAACP Image Awards on Sat., Feb. 2.

Rev. Pinkney said his goal was to educate the audience about the NAACP so more people would hold them accountable for their actions and inactions. The NAACP no longer fights for civil and human rights, and their immoral practices must stop.

Whirlpool and other corporations hve purchased the NAACP for a few dollars. Whirlpool Corporation leaders met with the Michigan state NAACP leaders and told them they wanted to support the NAACP but would not do so under Rev. Edward Pinkney’s leadership. So, the state NAACP removed Rev. Edward Pinkney from office as chapter president. The NAACP has sold it’s soul to the devil.

The NAACP is no longer relevant and does not support the black community.  We must stop the hand picking of black leaders. We must stop the exploiting of our communities by the NAACP. We must force the NAACP to promote justice for our community.

NAACP’s history of white leadership: The first NAACP president was a white man, who cared less for the black community.  His name was Moorfield Storey, a white Boston lawyer. He was president from 1910 to 1915, only five years. The next president was Joel Springarn who served from 1915 to  until 1940.  Springard was a well known liberal republican and one of the first Jewish leaders of the NAACP. He was chairman of the board from 
1913 until he died.  At that point his brother Aurthur became president and held onto that position from 1940 to 1965. From 1966 until 1975 the president was Kivie Kaplan, a Jewish American businessman from Boston. For the first 75 years all leadership roles were held by white folks.

The student were amazed that the NAACP was started, organized, and run by white people for many years. The NAACP did not have a black president until 1975 when Benjamin Hooks took the helm.

The NAACP has been deceiving blacks for over a century. Rev. Pinkney does not believe that the NAACP has ever been concerned about the black community. He believes their job was to be a buffer or gatekeeper. The NAACP rode the coat tails of Rev. Martin Luther King -- until he separated himself from them.

The NAACP is not relevant. The NAACP is a cruel joke.         

We are demanding that President Ben Jealous resign and allow the members to elect the president.

We now have 4,987 membership cards burned. Sunday during the radio program (see below) we hope to burn 300 more.

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