Friday, February 15, 2013

Mass demonstrations in Washington & Baltimore

The leadership of the NAACP has betrayed the black community by sacrificing our present 
and future development. The organization accepts corporate donations (coup d'etat) and 
allows said corporations to control the black population.

When we look at the NAACP today, we see an organization in partnership with  corporations and other immoral agencies, all which contribute to the demise of Black America.  It is 
evident that the NAACP has lost it's way.  When a person or or an organization will do 
anything for money, they have simply become a prostitute.  The NAACP is a prostitute for
corporations and pimping our community.

The Bible says (Mark 8:36-37), "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole 
world, and lose his own soul, or what shall he give in exchange for his soul."  
The continued betrayals of the NAACP's leadership have driven disheartened members to burn over 5,000 memberships cards. The national leadership is out of touch with black 
America, to put it mildly. 

We see the NAACP as having betrayed and sold-out our community for personal gain.
The total sell-out to corporations and to big money interests renders the NAACP corrupt from the top to the bottom.  I believe the NAACP has never been concerned with black 
peoples' problems, but has functioned as a tool to keep black people in line.  The NAACP 
has been radicalized and worthless to black people.  The NAACP claims to represent our 
best interest. They have failed the black community and will continue to fail us unless the 
people take a stand.  The NAACP has climbed in bed with The Leadership Council on Civil
Rights who share neither commitment to nor the values of our community.

A race hustler is a David Duke in black skin. A pimp and a profiteer.  The NAACP has 
become a symbol for all that has gone wrong in the black community.

We will protest the NAACP office in Washington on April 3 and the
Baltimore national headquarters on April 4, 2013.

For more information contact Rev. Edward Pinkney.
We stand today as activists and represent a call in the land to demand an end to the corrupt
and wicked leadership in Black American life and especially the NAACP.  

To all of like mind, join us in our moral crusade to save our people and the nation from
divine judgment.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Pinkney to Pinkney show
Every Sunday, 5pm eastern time
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