Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Public Forum: Let Freedom Ring, A Critical Analysis of Michigan's Emergency Manager act

A seminar on PA4, the Emergency Manager act, was held last Saturday
in East Lansing. There was an afternoon panel discussion with Gerald
Ambrose, Dir. of Finance, Flint; Jim Anderson, MSU History Prof., Edgewood
Justice and Peae Task Force; Lynn Johdahl, former Mich. Legislature Rep. &
Chair of House Taxation Comm.; Don Power, E.Lansing City Councilor,
former Fed. Mediator.

The keynote speaker was Rev. Edward Pinkney, resident of the first Michigan
town to feel the unconstitutional brunt of this new law - Benton Harbor.
This is his speech.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Puts Radio Station on Ebay

Benton Harbor has been declared the poorest town in the US by a Kalamazoo College professor. It has, over the past several decades, been deprived of most things that make a community thrive. Most recently the Emergency Manager Joe Harris fired the mayor and city commission, thereby stealing citizens' right to vote. BH has, however, maintained a small radio station. You might tune in and hear one of the city commissioners (fired by Joe Harris) speaking, or maybe even Jesse Jackson, up from Chicago to say a few words. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC recently reported Harris actually shut down the station and is trying to sell it on Ebay. See the report, a couple minutes into the video. Rev. Pinkney can be seen briefly.

You name it, Harris will take it from BH. Gov. Rick Snyder is who he answers to...

The Ebay ad:

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Marcus Robinson wants Pinkney removed - fast

Please email the following NAACP officers with a message of the importance of integrity in elections, and the value of a vote. Pinkney was voted overwhelmingly into office for a second time just last August. Let that valid election stand! (more after the emails) Yvonne White, president MI NAACP Nazar Scott, nat'l. NAACP Jerome Reide, regional NAACP

Robinson is behind the corrupt attempt to remove Pinkney from office

It comes down to one man, Marcus Robinson, pres. of Whirlpool's "Consortium for Community Development." (Fancy name for
"Buy-off Benton Harbor residents and shut them up.)

Marcus Robinson has initiated a scheme to remove Rev. Edward Pinkney from the office of President of the BH-NAACP. He wants Anthony Jett (BH school board president and Whirlpool stooge) to become president, ASAP. We strongly suspect this has something to do with the PGA tournament in May.

Robinson is more than likely donating money to the Michigan NAACP - they've announced a "special" election this month in order to oust Pinkney - and, Robinson asked Rev. James Atterberry to organize BH church members to join the NAACP and vote against Pinkney. Robinson will pay for any new memberships. Whirlpool money has always greased Benton Harbor palms.


3 emails just rec'd:

--This sounds very similar to what happened in Lafayette, IN to Rev. Paul Barrett at Second Baptist Church. Very familiar story, two different states.

--Isn't it time we saw the handwriting on the wall. What is happening in BH should be a major issue for the national NAACP. Why are we wanting to associate with an organization who cow tow to the status quo?

--information from a Berrien county church goer:

Rev. Pinkney - this is such a corrupt act on Marcus Robinson's part to go behind your back to try to take over the Benton Harbor NAACP and have a secret meeting with James Atterberry. Marcus Robinson targeted Pastor James Biffert at First Assembly Of God (my church) because he knows Pastor James likes to golf.

Marcus Robinson is a disgusting low life who is preying on pastors to side with him and go against you.

Robinson knew that if he could get under a young, naive pastor like Pastor James, then James could convince Pastor Dan to be friends with Robinson and give Robinson the foothold he desperately needs to get inside First Assembly Of God to speak like he did 2 years ago so he could try to corrupt the congregation to believe that Harbor Shores is good. He got up and said, "I know there are a lot of people here who are creative and would start businesses in Harbor Shores. We can attract people to HS and right here to First Assembly Of God, especially since people who come from Chicago off I-94 are attracted to the church with this huge blue roof. It's a powerful vessel here in Berrien County and a growing church."

This idiot used the church platform to sell Harbor Shores and use Pastor Dan, Pastor James and to try to use the congregation to fall for his vicious schemes.

People need to know how convincing and manipulating Marcus Robinson is in using pastors. He could care less about Pastor Dan or Pastor James. He is an opportunist who sees how he can use churches to financially benefit Harbor Shores.

The NAACP and pastors in and around Berrien County, especially St. Joseph and BH, need to know what these two bozos are up to. (Robinson & Atterberry.)

God bless you Rev. Pinkney for all you do and for standing up for freedom and justice.
Rev. Edward Pinkney 269-925-0001

Occupy The PGA
May 23-27 (big day: Sat. May 26) - Benton Harbor, Michigan
Demonstrate in protest of land stolen by Whirlpool Corporation Twitter HashTag #OccupyThePGA Facebook Event Page

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Is the NAACP Attempting to Oust Rev. Pinkney?

After fighting for the right to vote for over 100 years,
is the NAACP now ready to disenfranchise Benton Harbor

Last August 22, 2011 MI NAACP president Yvonne White asked Rev. Pinkney for the Benton Harbor chapter's 2010 "Branch Election" report.

He emailed it to her that same day, and received this email reply:

Rev. Edward Pinkney,
Your Officer's Report has been received and will be filed at the state office. Thank you!
Juanita Taylor, Secretary, MI State Conference NAACP

Now, five months later, Yvonne White has emailed Pinkney stating that the MI NAACP will come to BH on Feb. 25, 2012 to hold elections. Rev. Pinkney was elected branch president by wide margins in both 2009 and just five months ago, August 13, 2011.

White says this coming election will be forced on the BH branch because the report Pinkney sent last August, which sec'y Juanita Taylor accepted, was not signed (how does one sign an email?), and a 2010 election was not held by the branch. According to White, the BH branch is no longer in "Good Standing."

Pinkney says there are two untruths in White's most recent email: she claims it had been explained to the BH membership that the 2009 election was only good until 2010, and that the state NAACP "attempted to work with the Branch to schedule that election. However, for various reasons this never took place." Pinkney says these things never happened.

White also stated: "It is also my understanding that the Branch has not met in more than six months and there are no current Executive Committee members." It would be almost no effort for her to discover that BH NAACP has a slate of officers and meets every single month.

Do BH NAACP members have to fight the organization which supposedly stands for free and fair elections for all? Why should the August 13, 2011 election be tossed out? Is this really about silencing Pinkney? It certainly wouldn't be the first time! It's extremely distressing to see an organization such as the NAACP act like Emergency Manager Joe Harris who already disenfranchised all BH voters! Is the NAACP the new EM?

(For the record, the BH chapter is called Twin City Area Branch NAACP #3155.)