Monday, December 17, 2012

Hazel Dukes teams up with Coca Cola and tobacco

By an anonymous writer:  Our Folk are Dying

Brothers and Sisters,

Recently Hazel Dukes, NYC NAACP PRES., (nicknamed Doctor) has come out to condemn Mayor Bloomberg for raising the cry about what soft drinks are doing to the people.  Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and soft drinks with high fructose and other ingredients seem to be addictive to some of us.  When I was in the VA hospital patients would walk around with large 40 ounce of Coke all day long. I felt the medications were making patients drink large quantities of the liquid because it seemed to be addictive.

Our folk are obese and dying of diabetes. Dukes, in her statement in the Huffington Post, said her NAACP Project H.E.L.P. may help solve the problem of obesity and diabetes through holistic education. 

Project H.E.L.P. is now part of the NAACP national campaign against diabetes, obesity, etc. THIS PROJECT IS SPONSORED AND FUNDED  BY THE COCA COLA FOUNDATION.

Hazel Dukes is the same NAACP leader who was listed as part of the black lobbyist group for the tobacco industry along with members of the Black Congressional Caucus (RANGEL, TOWNES) who enriched themselves with thousands of dollars in the 90's before cancer sticks were put in check. Many of our black folk as well as others died from smoking.


When will Black people take a stand against the NAACP? The NAACP is out of touch with our community and nothing but a sellout to the Corporations.  We can no longer give the NAACP a free pass because the NAACP is called a black organization. We must hold the NAACP accountable for their actions and inactions.

We will boycott and protest the NAACP Image Awards on February 1, 2013: 
Shiner Auditorium, 665 W. Jefferson, Los Angeles, CA beginning at 1pm. 

New Way New Day!  
Pastors, Ministers, and organizations from around the country will be participating.   
Whirlpool Corporation took over the NAACP in Benton Harbor, Michigan with money and placed their NAACP members on the school board and now we have a Whirlpool Corporation controlled school board and NAACP members working together to destroy our school system and community.  
You can google this information.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Every Sunday at 5pm eastern time