Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Exposing the Corrupt NAACP

The NAACP has now become radicalized and worthless to us African-Americans, yet the NAACP claims to represent our interests. The NAACP has failed to help African-Americans prepare the next generation for the future. Those in the leadership of the NAACP are pimping our communities without a license.
The NAACP wants Blacks to stay on the voter plantation of government dependence and demand that
we except the role of the helpless victims doomed to mediocrity complexes.
The NAACP is a non-profit group that receives large chunks of taxpayers dollars each year to do
nothing helpful in the black communities. The NAACP receives the dollars to control the Black communities. 
As a "non-profit," The NAACP has sold out to the corporations and intentionally used illegal tactics to collect money from its members and other organizations, even the government.  

The NAACP is an organization full of fake ministers and christians.  
The NAACP tactics are in direct violation of its non-profit status since they are supposed to be nonpartian.

The NAACP's main objective is to keep collecting money from its members, donations from the
corporations, and funds from the government. The NAACP is a fraud; they have sold out to the corporations for corporate dollars.
The NAACP collects money for memberships that gives its members a false impression that they will
be protected from all racial hatred or racial discrimination, and that the organization will fight for its members.

The NAACP is like a pimp that charges its members a fee to create false dreams and false hopes. 

The NAACP does not follow their own constitutional by-laws.
If someone asks you to join the NAACP, ask them one simple question:  what do I get? (What do you have to offer me as a member of the NAACP?)  The answer: NOTHING. It's a big illusion. A giant
To members of the NAACP:  when you vote in the NAACP election, do not forget to bring a picture ID.  You must have a picture ID to vote for NAACP officers.
Black people are afraid to call out the NAACP as nothing more than pimps.

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