Sunday, October 21, 2012

Court Watch  -  Originally posted  on the blog of the  Institute for International Cooperation and Development

Every day the Rev. Pinkney, from Benton Harbor, goes to the Berrien County court house to watch the proceedings. He has done this for many years and he has learned how the justice system works, and what the many flaws are. By watching in the courtroom he is also creating an impact in the court, not just because he is known there, but also because he is documenting the injustices that are happening every day.

Rev. Pinkney invited us to be part of ‘Court Watch’ as a service to the community, because as spectators we can also create an impact, and we can support people like him to continue fighting for equality.

We participate in Court Watch every other week and it has been a great experience for the participants to see with their own eyes what's the reality, and how the system is unjust. Rev. Pinkney explains;
“I have participated in Court Watch for over15 years and I have no doubt that I have an effect on adjudication. The most important thing is to do it every day. I’m representing the rights of black people now, but the thing I hope is to make sure there are just proceedings in the judicial system. I will keep doing it until the system becomes fair for everybody.”
Rev. Pinkney is not only going to Court Watch in Benton Harbor, but he is also informing people about the situation by radio, TV, newspaper, the internet, and working with community school boards as well as the NAACP.