Saturday, September 01, 2012

NAACP takes billions from predatory lenders (and corporations such as Whirlpool)

It's time to expose the NAACP for who and what they really are. Thank you to bloggers Faye Anderson, Mary Neal, Sundiata Sadiq, and Dr. Boyce Watkins for exposing the NAACP selling out black folks.
Wells Fargo is not the only predatory lender the NAACP has taken money from to continue ripping off black folks. I am talking about billions and billions of dollars of home equity - hundreds of thousands of foreclosures.
The NAACP has decided to team up with not only Wells Fargo, but many predatory lenders.


Ben Jealous, NAACP president, should be on his knees begging forgiveness of Shirley Sherrod

...Shirley Sherrod, the (former) GA State Director of the USDA, gave a speech on March 27, 2010 at a Georgia NAACP chapter function...[view speech at above website]
...the USDA gets wind of [the video of her speech], and immediately asks for resignation (read: fired her). The NAACP gets wind of the situation, and issues a press release agreeing with the USDA firing Sherrod.
Then...Sherrod starts doing interviews explaining how her comments were taken so far out of context that it sounds like a completely different speech... All of a sudden the NAACP decides it might be time to review the actual video (of their event) and before you know it? Backpedal city...
...In a perfect world, Ben Jealous...would be on his knees begging for the forgiveness of the woman [he] slandered. (end of exerpts)

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