Friday, September 21, 2012

NAACP deaf to needs of chapters and members

On Sundays at 5pm on Pinkney to Pinkney radio program, we continue to hear NAACP stories from callers.   Denise Johnson's son Gregory was killed at San Jose State University in the predominantly white Sigma Chi fraternity which he belonged to.  Ms. Johnson asked the NAACP for help but the organization never returned one of her phone calls.  Mary Neal, about to hand a flyer to Troy Davis's sister at an Atlanta rally, was intentionally shoved by NAACP president Ben Jealous.

NAACP has strayed far from any justice-oriented purpose;  they act as gatekeepers by providing a LACK of service.  NAACP should cease to exist.  It has ceased to advance Black life.  Marketing the organization as advocates for Black people, they do the opposite: shut down chapters which engage in anti-racist activism.

The racism we encounter today is perpetuated by government and corporations, both of which support the prison industrial complex.  The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.  The NAACP is selling false hope to Black communities, ie, they are pimping those communities with a license from the master.

Whirlpool Corp. took control of the Benton Harbor, Michigan NAACP branch by buying memberships to control the election outcome.  Whirlpool met with Mich. NAACP pres. Yvonne White and made an offer she would not refuse:  money to control the BH election.  In NAACP elections members are required to show voter ID's, something the hypocritical organization is speaking out against for all other elections including the US presidential election.

Our primary goal is to stop NAACP hand-picked Black leaders from misrepresenting African-Americans and our ancestors.  We burn our membership cards every Sunday during the radio program - over 1400 cards burned so far.

Rev. Edward Pinkney

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