Friday, July 13, 2012

Law Enforcement Abuse Sanctioned by Berrien County

An officer stated, "There's a place I can put you."

A report from a protester at Occupy the PGA in Benton Harbor, May 2012:

I saw many police and sheriffs, all with cameras, engaged in the intimidation tactic of photographing and taping protesters. Some were right up in peoples' faces.

An officer told a protester that he couldn't walk in a certain place; the protester said that was illegal and cited a law. The officer stated, "There's a place I can put you." This was a stunning occurence and an example of why Fred Upton's Berrien County has the reputation of being the most punative and facsist in the state.

At one point, four military-looking men emerged from an SUV and begain photographing.

Upon nearing the golf course, I observed officers reprimanding protesters, but being helpful to people attending the PGA. The difference in treatment and demeanor was stark.

Out-of-towners can imagine after this experience what goes on daily in Benton Harbor. Cops working for the corporation to remove the population by any means necessary. Berrien County residents and Michiganders allow it all to happen, thereby sanctioning a form of genocide.