Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unconstitutional Gentrification Measures Imposed on Benton Harbor

This new zoning ordinance is the "Last Straw" to move out Benton Harbor residents.

Please attend the public hearing tomorrow at 200 Paw Paw @ 530 pm.

"Single family housing" zones shall outlaw any person who is not a family member residing in a single family home. This would mean you could not rent, have roommates, or live with a significant other.

Anyone passing by a property could make a complaint about its appearance. The property owner would have to make steps to improve the condition, or be fined a per diem until the infraction was cleared. This means that anyone--resident, non-resident, vacation-goer, or general nay-say could launch a complaint. It is not clear that complaints would have to be clearly defined or categorized. The property owner would then be liable... This zoning ordinance is unconstitutional...