Friday, June 08, 2012

Hundreds protest PGA Championship in Benton Harbor

By Melanie Yuill, Multimedia Journalist - email May 26, 2012

Hundreds of people filled the streets of Benton Harbor this morning but not to enjoy the PGA Championship, to protest the Championship. And it wasn't just Benton Harbor residents marching the streets.

She is not happy with the PGA and either is Reverend Pinkney, who organized the protest. "They just take from the city, now it's time to take back," said Pinkney.

Organizers and protestors, who came from across the country, are asking for 25% of the proceeds from the PGA Championship to be put back into the city of Benton Harbor. Mary Morgan who came from Dayon, OH said, "we spend tax dollars in cities to support holidays and the recreation of the 1%. We do not address our city problems."

And Even though their march only featured the sound of a drum protestors made plenty of noise before the walk got underway They were shouting and singing, " we are coming for justice."

And the PGA Championship isn't the only thing that the protestors are angry about. The State law that allows emergency managers to take over a city, something that has happened in Benton Harbor, caused several to hit the streets carrying signs. Claire McClinton, who came from Flint, said, "we are fighting this undemocratic law known as public act four." And Roger Nye, who came from Muskegon, said, "I'm against Emergency Manager laws."

But no matter what their reasons for participating in the protest everyone just wants their message heard.