Saturday, June 23, 2012

Benton Harbor's Emergency Manager, Joe Harris, is a walking, talking disaster

Very poor taste is being used by the EM, Joe Harris, to refuse Youth Works Jean Klock Park passes; this group has cleaned and painted homes in our city, free of charge, for seniors, low income, and handicapped for the last eleven years.

And Joe-give-it-away-free-Harris again shows that he is against anything to help city residents. It is his poor taste and lack of respect for poor people that will always be his downfall. He's a 1%'er Wannabe.
As a tax paying resident, and a government official, I will request that they contact every media outlet in the state and help them to show their work compared to his.
Joe Harris has proven one thing: he is a not capable of doing the job. This con is a cancer to this city.
He is not the answer for the residents of this great city. His disrespect has caused us to be sued 17 times since he has been here - law suits keep coming in.
This cannibalistic EM law that our state rep. and Snyder put in place has devoured Benton Harbor residents' hopes of ever becoming a viable city again.
I believe nothing from our state rep., congressman or senator Proos now that they have supported and passed this racially motivated toxic law. I hasn't worked here or anywhere.
They have failed to apprehend Joe Harris in his rummaging and ruining of the great city of Benton Harbor.

We have requested the state to come in and review - they refused.

*Even though the EM is violating the law by not paying pension payments, FICA, and yet, withdrawing it from employees checks.

*Also failing to include revenue building legislation on the ballot. Failed legislation on the ballot costing residents over $25,000 dollars.

*Giving raises to non-qualified employees.

*Failure to repair budget, city roads, and city buildings.

*Given twenty year agreement with PGA for $4,700 and they paid $35,000 to new products for one year.

*Failure to follow pilot with local non profits - costing city hundreds of thousands of dollars

*Failing to negotiate with other local municipalities to help secure the future of the water dept.

*Given away millions of NSP II dollars to local entities.

*Failure to secure FEMA grant 4.7 million to provide 3 years of 14 paid fireman.

*Constant change-over with city managers.

*Failure to retain local radio station to provide information, public service, and safety alerts

*Poor management, failure to be truthful, not paying taxes from his own pay, double dipping from funds not allocated for use - such as monies recieved from selling of water lines.

*Failure to pay contractors for work done such as city council chambers in which workers performing work promised other contract work. Or beefing up numbers on other contracts to pay for work done, which is illegal.

*Removed qualified board member from every board in city replacing them people with bobble head potential.

The NAACP has been contacted, and the disability network, to show his TOTAL lack of concern for these two groups.