Sunday, May 27, 2012

Police and Whirlpool make public sidewalks private?

During the week of Occupy the PGA, Benton Harbor Police chief Roger Lange attempted to push Rev. Pinkney into a confrontation.

On Friday May 25 at approximately 7pm, Pinkney and 10 others were refused access to a public sidewalk near the Harbor Shores golf course. They were surrounded and escorted by 15 police officers (thugs for Whirlpool). Lange said they needed a ticket to walk on the (public) sidewalk.

Pinkney’s group stood up for their rights as best as they could, and the situation became heated. It was clear that the police were hoping for confrontation.

Pinkney, losing all respect for Lange, will no longer support him. Pinkney says that the police are no longer working in service of the people, and he will not speak to residents on behalf of the police department. Their behavior was shameful and disrespectful of the residents.

One person was given a ticket for sounding a bicycle horn in Jean Klock Park.

Pinkney plans to file suit, to protect the people’s constitutional rights, against Lange, BH Police Dept., the PGA, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid.

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