Thursday, May 24, 2012

Occupy the PGA - Modified protest plans

Information contributed by Rev. Edward Pinkney
BENTON HARBOR (MICH.)-The Rev. Edward Pinkney is leading what he calls, “The Death March from Benton Harbor City Hall to the golf course on stolen land.” The march continues May 24, and 25.
According to the Rev. Pinkney, “People from all over the US and world participated. Represented were Colorado, NY, Vermont, Denmark, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, and more.”

Occupy The PGA – Modified Plans

Thurs. & Fri. May 24, 25 Rally only

Arrive between 10 – 10:30am, Benton Harbor City Hall, 200 E. Wall St.

Death March Sat. May 26 (Big Day), possibly Sun. also
Arrive between 10-10:30am
Of the previous day’s march, Pinkney said, “It was a non-violent and powerful protest of gentrification, exploitation, and undermining of democracy and human rights by: Harbor Shores, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, PGA, and the state of Michigan and local government. And, the Berrien County Court and county law enforcement which terrorize (not too strong a word) Benton Harbor residents on a daily basis.”
According to the Rev. Pinkney: Concerned citizens of Benton Harbor demand: Transfer 25% of the 2012 Senior PGA profits to the citizens of Benton Harbor as partial rightful compensation for stolen land and water and for the purpose of meeting budget deficits and building affordable housing for the people of Benton Harbor.

Protesters are encouraged to wear all black; for the Saturday and Sunday march, participants are asked to bring kites.

Demonstrate in protest of land stolen by Whirlpool Corporation.

Rev. Edward Pinkney, 269-925-0001