Friday, March 23, 2012

Benton Harbor coach fired for civic involvement; Athletic coach given $20K RAISE FOR FIRING HIM

A Story You Will Not Believe Could Be True - right here in Michigan.

Marcus Muhammad, Benton Harbor's winning high school basketball coach (70-40 in his five years), was fired last week.

(Facts on Muhammad at end)

Word came down from the school superintendent (Whirlpool puppet) to the athletic director to fire this very popular coach and BH resident. The athletic director was given a $20 THOUSAND raise. Who ever heard of this kind of money as a teacher's raise? Available in the school budget? (You guessed it - Whirlpool has plenty and more...) Of all the high school coaches, Muhammad is the only one to have winning teams for the past two years.

Why was Muhammad targeted?

Muhammed was given no reason for his termination. However, since this is Berrien County, we can feel fairly certain this happened because Muhammad is a popular city commissioner and vocal about things like the Emergency Manager, Harbor Shores, the PGA tournament to be played on stolen land, etc., etc.

How long will Whirlpool be permitted to destroy a community in every way possible? It's beyond criminal, all the funds taken away, land taken away, jobs taken away, huge numbers of people put away, and infrastructure taken apart against the will of residents.

Please tell the PGA about the firing of Marcus Muhammad.

The PGA needs to know the truth about the extreme level of corruption present in Berrien County, home of Whirlpool and Harbor Shores. If they truly understood, they might not feel comfortable bringing the tournament here May 23-27.

The PGA of America, 100 Avenue of the Champions,
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 - phone (561) 624-8400.

Rev. Pinkney 269-925-0001

Marcus Muhammad Facts

Benton Harbor Graduate: 1993 Led Benton Harbor to a Final Four (91) and Back-to-Back State Finals (92-93) Went on to play 4 years at DePaul University. He was the Captain of the team his senior year and set the all-time 3pt record. Graduated from DePaul University in 1997.

Coaching Record: 70-40, past 5 years
3 Conference Championships
3 Holiday Tournament Championships
2 time Coach of the Year, Big 16 West Division District Championship
2 District Finals

Currently, he has three players on athletic scholarships (Alex Williams-Lake Superior State, Aaron Clayborn-Texas Southern, Tyrone Black-Clark College), and has sent numerous others to Junior Colleges.

Assistant Coach: 03-05
Was Influential in guiding Wilson Chandler to his alma mater, DePaul University. Wilson Chandler said, "...There is no question that I am playing in the NBA today because I chose DePaul University."

Was influential in guiding Kerry Hartfield, Benton Harbor's all-time leading scorer to DePaul University.

Was Influential in guiding Courtney Webb to DePaul University.

Marcus Muhammad Boys Basketball 19-3 (Conference Champs) 14-8

Political Hit:

Benton Harbor School Superintendent Dr. Seawood met with Louis Harvey, Paul Wilhite and Earl McKee seeking their advice on finding a new coach. This is after the 2011 season where the team went 19-3 (8-0 in the Big 16 conference).
He met with them to inform them that he was going to fire Muhammad. Willie Wilson arranged the meeting as the newly appointed Interim athletic director.
He told that group that if Muhammad won a state championship with a record of 20-0 he still must be fired.
Ironically, Muhammed was told those same words by Athletic Director Willie Wilson.

Whirlpool 200K donation:

Refused to sign as the Mayor Pro Tem to authorize 200K to Benton Harbor Area Schools to fix a pool. (October 10, 2011)

Mayor James Hightower (Seawood's brother-in-law), in collaboration with EM Joe Harris, stripped Muhammad of the Mayor Pro Tem title and named Sharon Henderson in hopes she would become apart of the team and give the community donation away to the Boys and Girls club.

Now, Dr. Seawood authorizes the political hit to remove me as the coach of Benton Harbor High school.
(March 19, 2012)

Smear campaign:

There is a growing fear that Muhammed may run for State Representative against the Whirlpool puppet Al Pscholka. The firing of Marcus Muhammad is a method to discredit, dishonor, and degrade him in the public eye.