Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fourteen Million Dollars funnelled away from Benton Harbor

---Several Berrien county commissioners recently stated they really like the way things are going in BH. This is because they don't live there. And, because they approve of the illegal Whirlpool/Harbor Shores land theft and takeover. For 15 or more years federal money targeted for Benton Harbor has been funnelled away from the city. It's happening again, and with money that could really alleviate suffering of residents. FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. It comes from HUD's Neighborhood Stability Program 2. Ask Joseph Harris, BH Emergency Manager, and Bret Witkowski, Berrien County Treasurer how this money will be used. It's not hard to imagine... Harbor Shores homes and golf course, or Whirlpool's new "campus..."

Constitutionally guaranteed freedom does not exist in Berrien county, Michigan. Yet, those who are stealing it, the county commissioners and Whirlpool Corporation, are permitted to do so by all local, state, and national officials who could end it. Those of us in Benton Harbor, especially, suffer the lack of justice.

The commissioners consist of 12 whites and 1 African-American and they refuse to lift a finger to help residents of Benton Harbor -- taxes paid by residents are NOT put back into their OWN community.

---Commissioners voted for the Berrien County Emergency Management Office of Homeland Security to be able to apply for federal funds for the development and maintenance of the program "capable of protecting life, property, and vital infrastructure in time of disaster - everywhere in Berrien county except Benton Harbor. They only take from residents who are living a disaster every single day. It's a mystery how human beings (like in St. Joe) can live so close to this and not care. They carry out target practice to ensure that not a single resident of Benton Harbor is left alive.

Benton Harbor continues to be a city under seige. When will it end and residents can breathe freely, live happy lives?

---The NAACP-BH has an important goal: to spread our fight locally, in the state, nationally, and internationally. We feel that BH will continue to live in the most dire straights imaginable until people from the outside step in. The mishandling of public trust by Berrien county couldn't be more massive, unjust, inhumane, and unconstitutional. Representative to congress Fred Upton, along with Whirlpool, spearhead the oppression.

Rev. Pinkney, 269-925-0001