Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Case Anybody Still Needs Proof that Berrien County, Michigan is Right Up There With THE MOST RACIST Places in the US, Here It Is

A Benton Harbor man has been missing for almost three weeks, and NO ONE IN AN OFFICIAL POSITION has lifted a finger. No one in law enforcement, no one in a county position, no one in St. Joe where he was last seen, no one at the state or federal level, NO ONE.

We know what actions would be taken if a white St. Joe resident disappeared. The list is below. We can add canine searches to the list.

--It has been over 3 weeks since Timothy Allen's visit to Lakeland Hospital in St. Joe. On the evening of Nov. 9 Allen left St. Joe, a 99% white community, and walked over the Napier Ave. bridge toward his Benton Harbor home.

Police were the last to see him according to his family at this Blogtalkradio interview

St. Joe township police officer chief Ross Bates stated that an officer saw him walking on the road and ask him to walk on the sidewalk. Another officer said he was given a ride by the St. Joe police. Police were the last to see Timothy Allen.

Allen was in contact with family members everyday. He is 5'7", weighs 155lbs., and was wearing dark pants and a jacket (either brown, red, or orange.) Tip line: 269-849-0438, 804-363-9984; or call Rev. Pinkney.

Allen's family lacks the resources to drag the lake near the bridge where police claim they saw him last. They have no money for a reward at this time. Please help them.

Rev. Pinkney, 269-925-0001
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