Monday, November 28, 2011

People in Berrien County who could facilitate the search for Timothy Allen but refuse

Chief county prosecutor Art Cotter
Sheriff Paul Bailey
St. Joseph Township Police Chief Ross Bates
County Commissioners:
Dave Pagel
Mac Elliott
John LaMore
Debra Panozzo
Marletta Seats
Jon Hinkelman
Zach Perkins
Bob Wooley
Mamie L. Yarbrough
Bryan Bixby
Jeanette Leahey
Cathy Thieneman
Andy Vavra
Rep. Fred Upton
Benton Harbor Police Chief Roger Lange
State Rep. Al Pscholka
State Sen. John Proos

Rev. Pinkney has received new information indicating that St. Joe Twnshp. police spoke to Mr. Allen in a rude manner. The video is in the possession of BH police who refuse to allow citizens to view it, except for Allen's family.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Case Anybody Still Needs Proof that Berrien County, Michigan is Right Up There With THE MOST RACIST Places in the US, Here It Is

A Benton Harbor man has been missing for almost three weeks, and NO ONE IN AN OFFICIAL POSITION has lifted a finger. No one in law enforcement, no one in a county position, no one in St. Joe where he was last seen, no one at the state or federal level, NO ONE.

We know what actions would be taken if a white St. Joe resident disappeared. The list is below. We can add canine searches to the list.

--It has been over 3 weeks since Timothy Allen's visit to Lakeland Hospital in St. Joe. On the evening of Nov. 9 Allen left St. Joe, a 99% white community, and walked over the Napier Ave. bridge toward his Benton Harbor home.

Police were the last to see him according to his family at this Blogtalkradio interview

St. Joe township police officer chief Ross Bates stated that an officer saw him walking on the road and ask him to walk on the sidewalk. Another officer said he was given a ride by the St. Joe police. Police were the last to see Timothy Allen.

Allen was in contact with family members everyday. He is 5'7", weighs 155lbs., and was wearing dark pants and a jacket (either brown, red, or orange.) Tip line: 269-849-0438, 804-363-9984; or call Rev. Pinkney.

Allen's family lacks the resources to drag the lake near the bridge where police claim they saw him last. They have no money for a reward at this time. Please help them.

Rev. Pinkney, 269-925-0001
BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Senior PGA Championship, May 2012, Benton Harbor:
Get ready to demonstrate. ~Occupy the PGA~
Every Sunday, 5pm, Pinkney to Pinkney show, or listen on your phone: 347-994-3644

Friday, November 25, 2011

Timothy Allen, African-American, Benton Harbor resident, Missing for Three Weeks

Here's what would have happened if this was a white St. Joseph resident (or most likely any white person in Berrien County, Michigan) --

News media would have been on top of the story on a daily basis

All law enforcement in the county would be involved, including the FBI

There would be door-to-door questioning

Rewards would be offered

Dragging of the river would take place

The county commissioners would be involved

Elected officials would make statements

And more..

What happens when a black human being is missing --


If you need proof that racism exists in Berrien County, here it is. Think what this says to a community that the proper actions are not taken by the county they live in to make them safe.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blacks Go Missing in Police Custody: Timothy "Bulldog" Allen

PLEASE HELP find Timothy "Bulldog" Allen. His family called an ambulance for him in Benton Harbor, Michigan almost two weeks ago and have not seen him since. There are seven(7) paragraphs, one(1) photo with description, and three(3) links and twenty-eight (28) recent @koffietime tweets in this article (not counting links in tweets). Police were the last to see him, according to his family at this linkfor the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk radio show on November 20, 2011. His family asks for his return, even if he is dead. They need closure.

MORE INFO AT MaryLovesJustice

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whirlpool Shares Sinking Lower, Down 2.2%
By Robert Cotter

One of today's stocks on the move is Whirlpool (NYSE:WHR), down 2.2% to $52.26. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now trading 0.6% lower to 12,019 and the S&P is trading 0.6% lower to 1,251.

Whirlpool Corporation manufactures and markets major home appliances. The Company's principal products include laundry appliances, refrigeration and room air conditioning equipment, cooking appliances, dishwashers, and mixers and other small household appliances. Whirlpool's products are sold worldwide

Whirlpool share prices have moved between a 52-week high of $92.28 and a 52-week low of $47.35 and are now trading 10% above that low price at $52.26 per share. The 200-day and 50-day moving averages have moved 0.69% lower and 0.48% lower over the past week, respectively.

Whirlpool has overhead space with shares priced $52.26, or 24.6% below the average consensus analyst price target of $69.33. The stock should find initial resistance at its 50-day moving average (MA) of $53.65 and further resistance at its 200-day MA of $71.67.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fourteen Million Dollars funnelled away from Benton Harbor

---Several Berrien county commissioners recently stated they really like the way things are going in BH. This is because they don't live there. And, because they approve of the illegal Whirlpool/Harbor Shores land theft and takeover. For 15 or more years federal money targeted for Benton Harbor has been funnelled away from the city. It's happening again, and with money that could really alleviate suffering of residents. FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. It comes from HUD's Neighborhood Stability Program 2. Ask Joseph Harris, BH Emergency Manager, and Bret Witkowski, Berrien County Treasurer how this money will be used. It's not hard to imagine... Harbor Shores homes and golf course, or Whirlpool's new "campus..."

Constitutionally guaranteed freedom does not exist in Berrien county, Michigan. Yet, those who are stealing it, the county commissioners and Whirlpool Corporation, are permitted to do so by all local, state, and national officials who could end it. Those of us in Benton Harbor, especially, suffer the lack of justice.

The commissioners consist of 12 whites and 1 African-American and they refuse to lift a finger to help residents of Benton Harbor -- taxes paid by residents are NOT put back into their OWN community.

---Commissioners voted for the Berrien County Emergency Management Office of Homeland Security to be able to apply for federal funds for the development and maintenance of the program "capable of protecting life, property, and vital infrastructure in time of disaster - everywhere in Berrien county except Benton Harbor. They only take from residents who are living a disaster every single day. It's a mystery how human beings (like in St. Joe) can live so close to this and not care. They carry out target practice to ensure that not a single resident of Benton Harbor is left alive.

Benton Harbor continues to be a city under seige. When will it end and residents can breathe freely, live happy lives?

---The NAACP-BH has an important goal: to spread our fight locally, in the state, nationally, and internationally. We feel that BH will continue to live in the most dire straights imaginable until people from the outside step in. The mishandling of public trust by Berrien county couldn't be more massive, unjust, inhumane, and unconstitutional. Representative to congress Fred Upton, along with Whirlpool, spearhead the oppression.

Rev. Pinkney, 269-925-0001
[Voting in the town which Whirlpool controls]

Benton Harbor absentee ballot fury forces recount (article summarized)

The Michigan Citizen, by Bankole Thompson

BENTON HARBOR – As in Detroit, an absentee ballot controversy engulfs the city of Benton Harbor.

At the center of the matter is the allegation of possible ballot tampering.
A 30-year-veteran politician, City Commissioner Ralph Crenshaw, running for re-election, was seen carrying a box of AV ballots to the Donald C. Mitchell Federal Building where the ballots were being counted on election night.
“He should not have touched those ballots because he was a candidate in the election,” said Etta Harper who ran for commissioner-at-large seat in a tightly contested race. Harper came in third. She received 261 votes, Crenshaw, 270; and former commissioner Rickie Hill had the highest number with 281.
Harper is demanding answers as to why a candidate in a race would be carrying ballots with him.
...“What I was told by a couple of different people who were there was that one of the election workers was on her way to the election hall and needed help. She is a senior citizen,” Stein [clerk] said. “She called for help and nobody showed up. So finally commissioner Crenshaw asked if he could do it. That’s what two different people told me.”
However election law prohibits candidates from handling ballots. Requests for a recount can be made six calendar days after the election.
Stein advised Harper to take her case to the County prosecutor’s office. Harper said she did just that. “We asked the prosecutor to allow the state police to investigate it. The prosecutor has turned it over to the Sheriff’s Department,” Harper said.
Harper said she does not feel the Sheriff’s deputies could handle the case thoroughly and independently given numerous cases with the city in the past. She wants the state police to come in.
The Rev. Edward Pinkney, an activist minister, said the Benton Harbor election was fraught with problems.
“The election assistants were turning registered voters away,” Pinkney said. “ If you moved from your address from the last 60 days you were not eligible to vote at the precinct. But they turned away people who moved three weeks.”
In some cases the names of precinct listed on voters’ registration certificates were not the ones they were to cast their vote at.
“Most young people who came to the polls did not bother to challenge it. They just returned home,” Pinkney said. “Most young people said they were voting for Harper.”
A poll watcher at Calvin Briton elementary school said a young female voter was turned away because she walked into the precinct 15 minutes before the polls closed at 8:pm.
“The girl was there before eight and they said she can’t vote,” Kinnard said.
Crenshaw could not be reached and Benton Harbor City Clerk Joyce Taylor did not return calls.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Berrien County Commission meeting Nov. 3, 2011

For many years I have been attending Berrien County Commissioner meetings. I always leave the meeting with the feeling I've been in a room with racists.

People who come to speak to the commissioners are given just 2 minutes to say whatever they want. On Nov. 3 I decided to get their attention.

First I gave some information on the Perkins family from Benton Harbor. Their house burned down and they have nine children. It was obvious that this group of officials could care less about the family because they are Black. Not once in the many meetings I've attended has this board done anything for the people of Benton Harbor. Not once. For them, BH doesn't exist.
Throughout history this has been the case. The oppressors can't think about the suffering they cause - it would force them to develop consciences.

I was able to capture their attention when I told them about the country of Libya. This information is what got the nation's most racist county visibly upset:

At least until very recently, all of the following facts have been the way of life in Libya.
1. Electricity is free for all citizens.
2. Banks are state owned. Loans are given with zero % interest.
3. Having a home is considered a human right in Libya.
4. Newlyweds receive $60,000.00 dinar to buy their first apt. and help start a family.
5. Education and medical treatment are free. Before Gaddafi the literacy rate was 25%; today it's 83%.
6. Should a citizen want to farm, they receive land, house, equipment, seeds, and livestock.
7. Should a citizen need education or medical treatment not available in the country, the gov. funds them to go abroad. They would also receive $2300.00 a month for accommodation and car allowance.
8. When citizens buy cars, they are subsidized for half the price.
9. The price of gas is 14 cents per liter.
10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amounting to $150 billion are now frozen globally.
11. If a citizen is unable to get employment after graduation, the state pays the average salary.
12. A portion of every oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of citizens.
13. When a mother gives birth, she receives $5000.00. [Child care is viewed as an extremely important job.]
14. 40 loaves of bread costs 15 cents.
15. Gaddfi carried out the world's largest irrigation project known as the great manmade river project - to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
16. The US called Gaddafi a dictator.

Rev. Pinkney