Monday, July 18, 2011

Whirlpool has destroyed the city of Benton Harbor by buying
Black people and bringing in the Emergency Financial Manager
by Rev. Pinkney

When we look in the mirror we sometimes fail to see our flaws and strengths. Whirlpool has blinded residents by dividing and conquering. The corporation uses the Boys and Girls Club, Band of Brethren, First Chance, Inc., and the Consortium for Community Development to make it appear as if the Black community supports the Harbor Shores project and Whirlpool's takeover of Benton Harbor. It’s devastating what money can do. Whirlpool also controls the BH school board, and every sizeable board in Berrien County.

Whirlpool Corporation was one of the first to outsource jobs to countries with weak or nonexistent labor and environmental standards which in some cases have child workers. Congressman Fred Upton, heir to Whirlpool, voted for NAFTA. What is most important about outsourcing, it permanently eliminates jobs, destroying communities in the process.

Thanks to Whirlpool and congressman Upton, Benton Harbor is now under a dictator. They would like us to believe that checks and balances in government are not important. Benton Harbor doesn’t matter enough for that. We don’t need checks and balances -- multiple governing branches to ensure that a single force doesn’t dominate. All BH needs is EFM Joseph Harris to make every single decision for us.

That is the message inherent in the EFM legislation proposed by state Rep. Al Pcholka and Gov. Rick “the Rictator” Snyder and given speedy approval by the legislature. We must say no to Pscholka and Snyder. We must say no to Whirlpool. We must say no to Harbor Shores. We must say no to the PGA. We must say no to the hostile take over of Benton Harbor.