Monday, June 06, 2011

Facism Deepens in Benton Harbor

If a city official wants to attend a city commission meeting, permission from EFM Joe Harris is required (IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?)

WSJM reports: "Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joseph Harris has issued a couple of orders, apparently designed to reign in actions by the city commission not permitted by Michigan's EFM legislation.

First, an order from Harris on Friday states that "no City official, employee or agent shall appear, in an official capacity for or on behalf of the City, at any meeting or hearing of the City Commission or any of [the city commission's] committees without the express written approval of the Emergency Manager, except the City Clerk [who] shall be permitted to attend any City Commission meeting....for the sole purpose of keeping the meeting minutes." It appears as though this new rule is intended to prevent any department heads or others from reporting to the city commission in an official way, which effectively shuts the elected leadership out of any informational discussions regarding city operations. Additionally, the order from Harris goes on to state that the city clerk must attach language to the minutes of all Benton Harbor Commission meetings stating that any resolution passed by the body has no legal effect.

A second order from Harris on Friday excuses Commissioners James Hightower and Bryan Joseph from attending commission meetings. The orders are effective immediately."