Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EFM Joseph Harris and some commissioners:
90% of Benton Harbor residents are in favor
of EFM total control [NOT!]

Rev. Pinkney is often asked to speak on
radio programs. Monday morning he was on
in Detroit. It was reported that
Benton Harbor EFM Joseph Harris and
several BH city commissioners stated or
agreed that 90% of BH residents are in favor
of EFM Harris's one-man control of their town.

With close to 90% of BH residents
in poverty, we doubt their

It has been said that poverty is a full-time job.
Anxiety about where meals and housing will
come from is all-consuming. Anxiety about
how to find employment and provide for a family
take up 24 hours each day. It's an existence
that no human being should ever have to bear,
but in the US, pulling oneself up by bootstraps
is the revered way of life.

In Berrien County, destroying Benton Harbor
is a major goal of Whirlpool, Rep. Fred Upton,
and the rest of the power players.

People living in poverty rarely have time to
follow news or current events. 90% of BH residents
are not lucky enough to have the leisure time to
acquaint themselves with the sordid politics imposed
on their town by Whirlpool, the St. Joseph rich
folks, or state government.

EFM Joseph Harris actually works for the Whirlpool Corp.
He spent part of at least one morning this week
at Cornerstone Alliance - Whirlpool's real estate arm.
His is an agenda which we will never see reported
in mainstream media. It's not hard to guess...