Monday, April 18, 2011

Two More Reader Comments from the Benton Harbor EFM article:

Comment: Joe Harris [BH EFM] was hand picked by Granholm, not Snyder. She couldn't leave office before giving the Whirlpool Corporation the final leverage in taking complete control of Benton Harbor's PUBLICLY OWNED JEAN KLOCK PARK on Lake Michigan. Granholm already handed THE CORPORATION the dunes for three holes of a PRIVATELY OWNED Jack Nicklaus Championship golf course. Next Snyder will let them have what remains of the public's land, the beach for an exclusive Harbor Shores golf and beach resort. Not only that - they are after the river front AND the entire city! Believe me! - BENTON HARBOR IS GROUND ZERO FOR THE EFM LAW!!!!

State Rep. Al Pscholka is responsible for submitting the EFM bill. Before becoming a state rep, Al worked for Congressman Fred Upton, grandson of the Whirlpool founder. Upton is extremely loyal to Whirlpool. Fred also works for the Koch brothers. And the Attorney General? - Whirlpool CEO gave a reception for him last summer at the Harbor Shores Golf Club and raised tens of thousands of dollars for his campaign.

Now that the EFM announced that he has stripped power from elected officials he is free and clear to work with THE CORPORATION ONLY and is preparing for the Kitchenaid/Whirpool sponsored senior PGA Tour. From a WNDU TV News Report:
"Harris introduced a two-year plan that would make cutbacks and new investments to get the city ready for the 2012 Senior PGA tour."

Comment: The people, for the most part, didn't vote for this overreach. Snyder first mentioned it at the State of the State, and three months later it's law and the existing EFMs like Joseph Harris and Robert Bobb are demonstrating just what the new law does to home rule and local authority. ...this law has been high on the Mackinac Center wish list.