Sunday, February 06, 2011

Victory in court!


Another Benton Harbor Man Convicted by ALL WHITE Jury

When people come together to work for justice, success IS possible!
A group of people from around Michigan fought with Rev. Edward Pinkney to free innocent Patrick Thomas from another in the endless illegal convictions imposed by Berrien County. Miraculously, a prosecutor announced on February 3 that she was dropping charges against him! Mr. Thomas IS FREE in the county where a "slavery mentality" still exists. This is no exaggeration.

All of our very best wishes go out to Thomas and his family.

HOWEVER, the fight continues. Below is the story of Loren Robinson, Josh Karamalegos, his father, and several others. It's a bizarre and convoluted tale, stinking of lies and framing by the court. Josh K. made up a story and the court decided to use it, building more lies into it. Whirlpool's media arm, The Herald Palladium, has published a total fabrication of the true story.

Read the actual events below, reported on, Oct. 29 and Jan. 28. Then read what follows - the recent Herald Palladium "report."

Another Berrien County travesty: Benton Harbor man, Loren Robinson, gets 40 years. He was not even involved in the incident.

Black people continue to be removed from Benton Harbor (for the purpose of redevelopment of the land) to the brutal confines of Michigan prisons.


Prosecutor, judge, and public defender used story invented by young white man from Niles, Josh Karamalegos, to remove Loren Robinson from Benton Harbor

Berrien County "Trial" this week turned out as expected: Benton Harbor man Loren Robinson, 26, convicted on four charges gets 40 years in prison. He was not involved in this incident.

Josh Karamalegos partied and did drugs with several BH African-American men on multiple occasions. On a recent visit to Benton Harbor, he concocted a story so his father would pay for the drugs. Prosecutor Jennifer Smith, judge Dennis Wiley, and public defender Jim Miller used this made-up story, along with an all-white jury, to convict Loren Robinson. Josh K., who was found in possession of a large quantity of crack-cocaine, IS FREE.

He smoked over two thousand dollars worth, but didn't have money to pay. He made up a plan to fake a kidnapping with the threat of murder so his father would come with the money. After his father and mother brought the money, father and son fought and the mother called police. They searched Josh and found a large quantity of crack cocaine.


Benton Harbor man prison bound for extortion

[Such transparent sensational HP headlines - keep the lie going that BH residents are born criminals and deserve imprisonment]

By Scott Aiken [How do you live with yourself?], Herald Palladium, Thurs., Feb. 3, 2011

ST. JOSEPH - A Benton Harbor man faces up to 40 years in prison after being convicted of providing another man with crack cocaine and then holding him prisoner to extort money from the victim's father.
A Berrien County Trial Court jury last week found 21-year-old Loren Robinson guilty of four charges stemming from the March 6-7 incident. He is being held in the Berrien County jail pending sentencing on Feb. 18. [ALL WHITE JURY]
A co-defendant, Vincent Wiggins, 38, of Benton Harbor, was convicted of several charges last year and sentenced to 10-40 years in prison. [ANOTHER ALL WHITE JURY]
Robinson and Wiggins were arrested after Josh Karamalegus, 22, of Niles was held against his will and beaten in Benton Harbor, city police said. [Not held against his will-he asked to be hit so it would look serious to his father.]
Karamalegus met one of the assailants in jail, and after being released, he was picked up in Niles by the man so they could party together in Benton Harbor, according to prosecutors.
Prosecutors said evidence showed that Karamalegus brought along $200 and spent time smoking crack cocaine that one of the men provided in a house in Benton Harbor, but Karamalegus got more drugs on credit and the assailants demanded payment for it.
Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Smith said testimony showed that Karamalegus was held hostage, threatened and beaten [oh please] before his father, Tim Karamalegus, agreed to drive to Benton Harbor with $1,000 to pay his son's captors.
The assailants released Karamalegus after collecting the money in a parking lot off Napier Avenue in Benton Township. [Great word, "assailants."]
During his trial, Robinson raised an alibi defense, claiming he was with other people at the time of the offense, Smith said. [You can say he "raised an alibi defense," but Robinson speaks the truth.]
The jury found him guilty of extortion, cocaine delivery and unlawful imprisonment. He was also tried on a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, but the jury returned a guilty verdict on a lesser charge of aggravated assault.
Wiggins is serving three concurrent sentences of 10-40 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment, extortion and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. [Berrien County has separate trials for the same incident for more drama, to instill more fear, and to spread more propaganda that BH is full of druggies and criminals.]