Friday, January 07, 2011

Whirlpool, Rep. Fred Upton, and former Gov. Granholm knew just what they were doing when they force-fed state "financial mngr." Joseph Harris to Benton Harbor, Michigan. No more self-determination for Benton Harbor. The city is run by this outsider who has no interest whatsoever in the lives of residents. Harris is paid $132K per year to make certain BH is turned into corporate la-la land...Harbor Shores, Harbor Town...and corporate playgrounds don't include the land in it's wondrous natural beauty, only manicured, chemicalized, and covered with cement. Harris's only supervisor is now Whirlpool, although they make sure his paycheck comes from BH taxpayers. BH City Commissioners know this.

Today's Detroit Free Press: Council feuds with emergency manager

The Benton Harbor City Commission can pass resolutions to hand over power to Mayor Wilce Cooke, but it will have no effect, emergency financial manager Joseph Harris said Wednesday.

The commission passed a resolution on Monday establishing an administrative emergency and giving Cooke authority over the city. It said Harris gives preferential treatment to white contractors and meets with local white officials while refusing to meet with black officials.

Said Harris: "I could not care less what color a local official is. It matters if I can communicate with them."