Saturday, December 18, 2010

Innocent Benton Harbor prisoner will challenge Smigielski in court

BHPD officer Wes Smigielski sent innocent BH resident, Charles Gray, to prison. Gray will go back to court with a judgement against Smigielski in the coming year. So far, the judgement contains the following: Falsified BHPD forfeiture paperwork; Falsified a sworn complaint and affidavit; Falsified police report; Planted drugs on Gray; Lied about searching Gray's truck and about Andrew Collin's involvement; Lied on the stand. Berrien county prosecutor's office assistant Mary Malesky was involved in the cover-up. To make his case stronger, Smigielski attempted to involve two other officers - det. Hopkins and officer Long from St. Joe. They had nothing to do with Gray's case.