Thursday, December 02, 2010

Informants and friends are permitted to rape women and children in Berrien County

As Berrien County, Michigan head prosecutor, Art Cotter refuses to prosecute Charles Washington for the violent crime of attempted rape. Washington is a paid informant for the police/court system. Washington hit his victim 5 times in the head with his fist until she was knocked out.

More on Cotter: his close friend Richard Pahl is doing forty years in a Minnesota prison for molesting children.

Cotter is known throughout Berrien County for being "tough on crime." A real tough guy who hasn't come close to bringing to justice the victims of former cop Andrew Collins, big-time drug planter. And he refused to prosecute his good friend, Pahl.

Pahl used to live in Berrien Cty. where he molested many Benton Harbor children between about 1995 and 2005. He had "easy access" as director of the Link Crisis Intervention Center. He often took children to his St. Joseph home for weekends.

In approximately 2006 Pahl moved to Minnesota where he was caught molesting more children -- in a MN court he admitted to molesting at least 20 BH children.