Friday, November 19, 2010

Prosecutor Gerald Vigansky, a monster

Berrien County Commissioners have knowledge of the following, but remain mute
Seeing Benton Harbor residents and Berrien County Courthouse authorities interact is like seeing naughty children being verbally abused. Authorities rarely show respect to the people they force through their corrupt, illegal system.

This week prosecutor Gerald Vigansky was verbally attacking and shouting at BH residents Mrs. Freddie Swift and her daughter, Vanity in a hallway. He actually said he would dismiss charges against Charles Washington, age 33. In August, Washington, a BH paid informant, knocked Vanity to the ground and pulled down her underwear. She fought him off, and, bloodied, he ran away. An ambulance took Vanity, in a state of shock, to the hospital where Washington's fingerprints and blood were found on her clothing and body.

He was arrested, released on bond, and charged with only a misdemeanor for his violent crime - informants are above the law and protected in Berrien County. A felony charge and fifteen year sentence is the norm for sexual assault. He is also guilty of resisting arrest and fleeing, but was only charged with trespassing. THE CASE WAS EVENTUALLY DROPPED.

Vanity and Mrs. Swift showed up for the Nov. 16 trial which, unbeknownst to them, had been cancelled. Instead, they were treated to a mad prosecutor, frothing at the mouth, screaming that he was on the side of the man who attempted to rape Vanity.
Washington is known to have attacked and raped several women in Benton Harbor. In a recent case, charges against him were dismissed and an innocent man was convicted in his place.