Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another non-incident resulting in another kangaroo court in St. Joseph, Michigan

1. Two Benton Harbor high school boys have a one-on-one fight with friends watching. End of story. (Well, yes, but not for African-American children in Berrien County.)
2. Cops start arresting teenagers (hoping for multiple convictions as usual).
3. The boy who caused the most injury is jailed for 'assault with intent to kill.'
4. Tuesday 11/23: Court hearing for a 17-year-old boy who was not present at the fight, but was on probation, so of course the fight provided an excuse to bring him in for a framing. (Many teenagers and adults are on probation in BH because it's an easy step to jail.)
5. Five people testified that the boy was at home where a party for his aunt was underway. One eyewitness to the fight testified the boy was not present at the fight. Judge Charles LaSata STILL pronounced the boy guilty of probation violation because BH detective Wes Smigielski testified that he was present at the fight.
6. During prosecutor Mike Sepic's cross examination of Smigielski, the two laughed and giggled like the hearing was a joke, and that they knew beforehand what the decision would be.

In another community the teenagers might have been cited for disturbing the peace. Might have. BH authorities, under the auspices of Whirlpool and Rep. Fred Upton, are out to destroy lives and remove the African-American population. How long will Michigan residents allow the unspeakable injustice in Berrien County to continue?

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