Thursday, September 30, 2010

Letter to Editor, Thursday, September 30, 2010
Harris' methods are in violation of state statute
[Joe Harris was sent by Granholm to BH as state financial mngr.]

You can get a prescription for drugs from your doctor. It will make you feel better or kill you. Gov. Jennifer Granholm gave Joseph Harris a prescription to cure Benton Harbor's financial problems; he must have had a pocket full of methadone, because he is killing this city and its residents.

At Benton Harbor High school, Mr. Harris told the citizens (with his boss present) he was working with the commissioners and he will continue to do so and that he would be transparent. His job description clearly states that he was to collaborate with the city officials to formulate plans to eliminate the city's deficit. He said he had and will continue to do so. He lied.

On April 10 President Obama said that the loud voices of the special interest should never be allowed to drown out the voice of the common man.

Public Act No.72 clearly states that Mr. Harris is supposed to collaborate with commissioners. I read this to him at the high school. Now all of a sudden he gets amnesia and disregards everything he said.

What's wrong with checks and balances? The only oversight committee connected to Mr. Harris' job is the Emergency Loan Board (appointed by Gov. Granholm) and they are all in bed together. Why shouldn't the commissioners and mayor meet with him? The last time I looked we were still a democratic nation.

Gov. Granholm is doing a darn good job of turning this blue state red. And for the first time in my adult life I am considering voting Republican.

George Moon, Benton Harbor