Monday, September 20, 2010

Letter to the Editor and comments. Topics: Whirlpool stolen land development and Berrien county prosecutor Cotter.

Excerpt from a 9/16 Letter to the Editor (HPalladium)


I have enjoyed Jean Klock Park all my life...
...the illustrious leaders of Benton Harbor and Whirlpool were keeping up the hype that "no one goes to Jean Klock Park."
...What next? Probably luxury condos on all public waterfront property, or casinos, strip joints, hotels and motels. Then it probably will mean some more bars. Oh, and we can all have corporate "campuses" that won't employ any of our residents.

What is important to [our "leaders"] is that they carry out the orders of the entities who want to develop every square inch of lake front property, make a profit, get filthy rich and move on.

That's it, take away all the residents' personal freedoms and let the developers and corporations have their way. Is that the way you want it? If you don't wake up, that's exactly what will happen.

Too many people still have their heads in the sand.

Lea'Anna Locey, Benton Harbor


Letter to Editor comments

The Federal Farmer wrote on Sep 17, 2010:
"Let's hope that visitors to the area take their dogs to the Whirlpool Golf Course to poop."

Another windbag supporter
wrote on Sep 16, 2010:
"I bet Mr. Cotter don't advocate should felons have work, some of them may not turn to street crimes in the community, and I bet Mr. Cotter when putting his foot in his mouth never takes this foot out to advocate for a better juvenile justice system in this state. Mr. Cotter knows full well how to gain followers and support by egging on those that whine about tax dollars spent on criminals. Mr. Cotter is a foot inserting in thy own mouth windbag, who needs to do a better job in application of the laws and stautes of this state. Maybe someone should do some research to find out how many of his cases are questionable?"