Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is the rumour true that Harris is moving to Benton Harbor? And that, in reality, he's Whirlpool's hatchet man, working to dissolve every Benton Harbor department? Will Whirlpool replace BH with Harbor Town? Has this been in the works for decades, hence the most innocent and juvenile convictions in the state? Will this MONUMENTAL MISCARRIAGE of justice ever be prosecuted?

9 Benton Harbor officers face layoffs this week

By Julie Swidwa H-P
Wed., Sept. 15, 2010
BENTON HARBOR - Nine Benton Harbor patrol officers can expect to find layoff notices in their mailboxes this week after a unanimous vote by the union Monday to refuse a 25 percent pay cut.

Emergency Financial Manager Joseph Harris said three will be called back to fill grant-funded positions, resulting in a net loss of six full-time patrol officers. Harris said some of them will be offered part-time jobs...

always positive
wrote on Sep 15, 2010 1:36 PM:
" Now this is when whirlpool should step in and help fund their ailling city of choice. Oops. They only want tax breaks from their hometown city of choice. The amount of tax breaks certainly would make a BIG difference. "

Rick wrote on Sep 15, 2010 1:52 PM:
" Instead of laying off police officers and closing the fire dept, why dosen't Harris stop the city trash pick-up which has made the owner of Industrial Sanitation rich. "

BH Resident
wrote on Sep 15, 2010 3:38 PM:
" Why is Whirlpool giving money to the County and not to the BENTON HARBOR POLICE DEPT? And the city wants to allow Whirlpool to build down town. That's crap. Whirlpool doesn't give a darn about BH. "

Concerned wrote on Sep 16, 2010 5:10 AM:
" Harris is cutting every employee he can. But he is not cutting is own over a $100,000 a year or the City manager and his high paid assistant. That is a real concern to me. If the City is so broke then HOW does he justify his salary and having a City manager and a assistant as well. Harris is taking over every department and running them himself. To me he is going about this all wrong. He was brought in to manage the money and help to guide the City. But is has taken of the role of GOD over the City. Something is wrong with this picture. Or is he actually making the City FAIL on purpose. We better ask that question very soon or it will be GONE "

wrote on Sep 17, 2010 12:22 AM:
" Ok who is behind the Township water plant? None other than Jim Boothby and his wife. WHY? They do not wish to be a part of the community any more. If people would only look at what is happening you can see for yourself. St Joe needs more capacity. Benton Harbor was able to get the grant and St Joe could not. So why was there a new connection pipe put under the river a few years back to join Benton Harbor and St Joe. The real reason: so that St Joe can get water from Benton Harbor when they run short. Why? So that in time the water plants will be under an authority much like the one in St Joe now and the townships. All but Benton as Benton wanted to be on their own and used The Benton Harbor situation to scam the voters. I am hoping that once all the new pipes and valves and such is placed and the total costs are figured the citizens will be outraged that they were scammed. This whole area is going to be in time a Water Authority and a New town in time watch and see what I say. There is a reason for what is going on and why it is happening. But that reason has not been made public as of yet. The talk of combined Fire services is only the start of things to come. St Joe is land locked and no way to gain land for future expansion and more tax base. Benton Harbor has the land and the river front and that will be the driving force to make the changes in the future. Why do you think Whirlpool decided to build there??? You answer that one HARBOR TOWN "