Monday, September 27, 2010

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Joe Harris, flak catcher
He's the Slasher In Chief, but that's the job the governor gave him
By Julie Swida-H-P, Sunday, September 26, 2010
BENTON HARBOR - His own job is on the cutting room floor.
Still, Benton Harbor City Manager Ron Carter Jr. says Emergency Financial Manager Joseph Harris is doing exactly what he was sent here to do.
Most Benton Harbor city commissioners and several city residents disagree and say Harris is overstepping his authority. Others say he is doing his job, and doing it well.
Harris was sent to Benton Harbor in April after Gov. Jennifer Granholm declared that a financial emergency existed in the city. The declaration came under Public Act 72, also known as the Local Government Fiscal Responsibility Act...

Resident wrote on Sep 27, 2010 5:24 AM:
" Someone tell me how there is going to be a city left without a fire department, a city manager, an administrative staff, city assessor and city clerk? Who will be left to run the city - oh that's right Whirlpool is already. Very convenient for them to eliminate the city assessor's position when the properties they are getting tax breaks on have yet to be assessed I wonder in who's favor they may end up? Wake up people.Governor Granholm brought in a task force in 2003 to revitilize Benton Harbor and this is what you got. She also had the heads of all governmental agencies sign a letter supporting Harbor Shores. Harbor Shores used Benton Harbor to get all their infrastructure paid for and where are the benefits of Harbor Shores for the city now ? "