Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's time for voters to derail Upton dynasty


For far too long the Upton dynasty has helped its corporate cronies to exploit the resources of Southwest Michigan for their own gain.

Over the years, they have turned our green pastures into brownfields, and are now in the final stages of choking us off from access to our great lake. Six years ago, Fred Upton installed a staff member and acolyte, John Proos, in the Michigan House of Representatives. Now that Proos has been term-limited, Upton is grooming his heir apparent for the state Senate as the next easy step along the red carpet to Washington. And to complete the choke hold, the Uptonites are now trotting out yet another staffer, Al Pscholka, to take Proos' place in the state House.

A child of privilege, Upon has held onto his seat in Congress for nearly half his lifetime. He is one of the longest-serving, yet most invisible and inconsequential congressmen in modern history. The formula is simple: stay under the radar and make no waves. He is the quintessential career politician, and has had virtually no experience in the real world. The same is true for his political clone, John Proos.

Proos has learned his lessons well. His smile has been likened to that of a TV game show host. Upton has run ad nauseam on his "nice guy" image. Meanwhile, Proos grins while we bear it.

Enough is enough! It is time we sent someone to Lansing who will honestly and fairly address the real problems and challenges faced by middle-class [and poor] Michiganders. Republicans, Democrats and independents [and Greens] must unite in throwing off this archaic oligarchy. Remember the words of our forefathers: "United we stand. Divided we fall."

Scott Elliott, Democratic Candidate, State Senate, 21st District