Saturday, May 15, 2010

Workplace Racism and Sexism Out of Control in Benton Harbor

Dawson Manufacturing in Benton Harbor, Michigan
is a workplace steeped in racial abuse.

The most recent, blatant racial attack was the
hanging of a noose in an area where 15
African-American employees could see it.

(A similar incident: 2 weeks ago, a man
living 1/2 mile from Dawson found a noose hanging
in his backyard. He's not a Dawson employee.)

Black workers are the brunt of racist jokes
and sexual attacks on a daily basis. White supervisors
constantly touch black female employees inappropriately.
Dawson's owner, Mr. Bob Trived, simply fires female
employees who complain. Trived has fired over 10
employees for reporting racial attacks of various
kinds to the EEOC. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

For African-Americans living in Benton Harbor, life
can be very difficult. A culture of fear has been
created in the city. It makes it possible, and even
tolerable, for a business to make a noose and hang
it in plain sight. In 2010.

Another Benton Harbor company with serious racist workplace
violations is Autozone. Supervisor Brian Waldschmidt uses the "N" word
regularly, and his Tennessee home office Supervisor, Gary
Bailey, protects him from any charges. Waldschmidt
told an employee of Indian descent to "start
'dressing black' so people won't think we're racist."

Whirlpool's racist and sexist workplace behavior
is well-known. It creates an atmosphere, especially
in the majority African-American Benton Harbor, where
inhumane treatment is tolerated and even encouraged.

Anyone can contact these companies and demand
the end of workplace racist and sexist abuse.
Thank you for any effort you take in this matter.

Dawson Manufacturing
1042 North Crystal Avenue
Benton Harbor, MI 49022-9266
(269) 925-0100

1681 Old State Highway 139
Benton Harbor, MI 49022-5715
(269) 925-2288