Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The people of Benton Harbor elected a government that supported them in their struggle with Whirlpool so the State took over the city government

State financial manager Joe Harris, appointed by Gov. Granholm, has been in Benton Harbor for about a week. The enormous monthly salary of $11,000.00 must be paid by Benton Harbor. The mayor and city commissioners are required to take %50 pay cuts. An outside accounting firm will get up to $25,000.00. Somebody's trying to ruin BH. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess who.

The NAACP is holding protests regarding these issues. Ron Carter, city manager, should be permitted to do the job he was recently hired for. He's smart, has an MBA, and was on the way to making BH solvent.

Auto Zone and Dawson Manufacturing are firing all black employees with 10+ years of experience. A mngr. at Auto Zone was heard telling a white employee to act black so he could fire him. These actions leave the remaining black employees intimidated and fearful.

Protests: Wed. 4/14, Auto Zone, 4pm. Corner M139 & Napier, Benton Township.
Thurs. 4/15, Dawson Manufacturing, 11am. Fri.-same as Wed. Every Monday at 1pm, Benton Harbor City Hall. Protests of Auto Zone and Dawson Man. will occur Mon. thru Fri., alternating days. Call NAACP Pres. Rev. Pinkney for up-to-date info.

The following is a WSJM (St. Joseph) report (today):

BH NAACP Holds Protest Over Arrival Of State Manager

Andrew Green Reporting
The local chapter of the NAACP held a small demonstration on Monday to protest the appointment of a state emergency financial manager to run the city of Benton Harbor. Joseph Harris came to town last week, and held a few invitation-only meetings with various community leaders on some of the challenges facing Benton Harbor as it moves forward. Local NAACP President Rev. Edward Pinkney tells us that he organized a march from city hall to a nearby federal building to convey concerns that the EFM is not being transparent enough.

Pinkney says he want to make sure that this is all not just a land grab on behalf of elements other than city residents.

Pinkney said he wants to influence Harris to cooperate with Benton Harbor City Manager Ronald Carter based off his turnaround plan. Between a dozen and 15 protesters gathered at city hall, and then marched to a nearby office building where Pinkney said a meeting of city leaders was taking place.

Pinkney said that the local NAACP plans to organize more events in the coming months, not only about the Benton Harbor EFM, but about other issues, like allegations of racism at a local auto parts store.