Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three Letters to the Editor worth publishing here

There is no reason for state takeover of BH


Receivership of Benton Harbor isn't necessary. Forbes magazine listed Plante Moran in the top 10 in the country as one of the best companies in the country in dealing with financial crises. Plante Moran said Benton Harbor is capable of solving its own problems and Jackie Bell is capable of performing her duties adequately. Now, who do you believe, Plante Moran or three city commissioners? Also, ex-City Manager Steve Manning stated that he, along with Plante Moran, solved the city's financial crisis without any assistance from outside sources.

Let's look at the big picture. The United States is in a depression and in receivership to China. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, Detroit and Flint are broke. Michigan's retirement fund is millions in the red and Michigan is in receivership to Washington, D.C.

Now, I have no problem with accepting help from Lansing. Come on down and pull up a chair and let's hear what you got. But please don't send a member of the current administrative team of Gov. Jennifer Granholm, because they can't handle their own problems.

Benton Harbor's problem are no different than many other cities in the country. It has nothing to be ashamed of. Two years ago I expected sincerity and civility in our governing body. We didn't get it. Let's work with City Manager Ronald Carter Jr., Mayor Wilce Cooke and the new leadership. Together we can solve this crisis.

George Moon, Benton Harbor