Thursday, February 18, 2010

Powerful Statement by former Benton Harbor resident

I am L.D. Fuse's oldest sister and lived in B.H. for 21 years and now live in Dallas. I am a Registered Nurse. I had to leave B.H. and MI period to graduate from nursing school. I met road blocks at LMC and GVSC in the 80's. I had A's in classes but was told I didn't pass clinical per a white instructor. I am here to tell you that I graduated as an RN in 1985 in Dallas, Tx on the dean's list and work in hospitals, clinics and schools in Dallas. B.H. is like the deep South of the 60's. My family has been deeply traumatized emotionally and physically. The police twisted my mother's neck and arm and she has lots of pain everyday. My dad who is 92 is helpless at what happened to his son named after him, and his wife. He used to haul trash for the city and white customers for 45 years. He was well respected and trusted in their yards and homes. But now in 2008-2010 he lives to see racism at an all time high against his family. I can't believe the same town, my hometown is so evil and wicked! I will never forget their names. One Day, God will pay them back in Judgement Day, and yes there is a God. As a nurse, I treat all races equally but some think they are supreme beings, above the law. I could never move back there and hope to move my family one day as it is like Sodom and Gomorrah. The judges and police would hang blacks if they could but it is all being recorded by God's Angels.