Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Minute Video of a Congressional Hero

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If only Fred Upton had the heart and selfless understanding to address congress publicly and speak the obvious truths that Dennis Kucinich so clearly outlined in the one minute video linked to below. But no way, not our Freddie boy. Ending US foreign invasions and returning our soldiers home could cut too deeply into the investments and dividends derived from his $8 million+ stake (4th paragraph) in war industries.

This is so important my words can't begin to sum it up. Please take the sixty seconds required to watch. Then, even more importantly, invest the time and truly consider the gravity behind what Kucinich speaks of. This Cleveland congressman (or Texas Republican Ron Paul) ought to be in the White House, not the carpetbagger we put there a year ago: President CFR. Bilderberger Oblammo.

This new year let's finally send war-boy Upton back to where his heart truly resides: Harbor Shores, the Lake Michigan shoreline and riverfront development project, complete with a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, currently being constructed for Whirlpool executives and Fred's retirement - on Benton Harbor land acquired by highly questionable, to say the very least, actions.

Upton is no moderate. He's spending borrowed money (your heirs' future) way too freely on an unbelievably bloated 'security' sector. And he's freely spending the blood of American young people who can't find economically viable employment anywhere outside the armed forces in campaigns of the exact sort the Nuremberg Tribunals determined were war crimes. It has to be said once again: he's personally garnering a substantial profit by doing it.

What IS that awful smell?


PS. If you wish, consider forwarding this. Especially to those people you know residing in Michigan's 6th Congressional District - Upton's district. Better yet, call or write Upton and ask him how/why he can do such things in an official capacity.

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Honest, intelligent things do get
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Here's a guy we should all be supporting.

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