Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Minute Video of a Congressional Hero

Greetings All,

If only Fred Upton had the heart and selfless understanding to address congress publicly and speak the obvious truths that Dennis Kucinich so clearly outlined in the one minute video linked to below. But no way, not our Freddie boy. Ending US foreign invasions and returning our soldiers home could cut too deeply into the investments and dividends derived from his $8 million+ stake (4th paragraph) in war industries.

This is so important my words can't begin to sum it up. Please take the sixty seconds required to watch. Then, even more importantly, invest the time and truly consider the gravity behind what Kucinich speaks of. This Cleveland congressman (or Texas Republican Ron Paul) ought to be in the White House, not the carpetbagger we put there a year ago: President CFR. Bilderberger Oblammo.

This new year let's finally send war-boy Upton back to where his heart truly resides: Harbor Shores, the Lake Michigan shoreline and riverfront development project, complete with a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, currently being constructed for Whirlpool executives and Fred's retirement - on Benton Harbor land acquired by highly questionable, to say the very least, actions.

Upton is no moderate. He's spending borrowed money (your heirs' future) way too freely on an unbelievably bloated 'security' sector. And he's freely spending the blood of American young people who can't find economically viable employment anywhere outside the armed forces in campaigns of the exact sort the Nuremberg Tribunals determined were war crimes. It has to be said once again: he's personally garnering a substantial profit by doing it.

What IS that awful smell?


PS. If you wish, consider forwarding this. Especially to those people you know residing in Michigan's 6th Congressional District - Upton's district. Better yet, call or write Upton and ask him how/why he can do such things in an official capacity.

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Honest, intelligent things do get
said occasional from the floor of

Here's a guy we should all be supporting.

1 minute Video:


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Way Things Work at Whirlpool

The supervisor who gave a racist and demeaning letter to female employee was told on Monday not to worry about his job (he won't lose it)

A WPool supervisor, Mr. Tederic, gave an African-American female employee a letter so incredibly racist and demeaning, most companies following an ethics code would act immediately to fire the supervisor. But not WPool. WP fired the employee. She was the only one in this triangle to act proactively. She reported the abusive letter of the supervisor to two managers over Tederic. Yet she's the one without a job. WP management did nothing except give Tederic a day off. In fact, on Monday, December 21, Tederic was given a "vote of confidence" by WP.

From the Whirlpool Code of Ethics: "This code applies to all employees, officers and directors employees of Whirlpool Corporation and its subsidaries Whirlpool or company. As employees of Whirlpool, we will comply with all the laws, regulations and company policies that govern our activities around the world. To do any less would comprise our shared values. We will strive to be involved and responsible citizens in the communities where we live. At work ,we will deal with employees fairly and honestly and with concern for safety and well being."

(Who does this apply to at WP? Certainly not Mr. Tederic, the white supervisor, and from reports across the country regarding WP facilities - see below, it doesn't seem to apply to WP employees who practice racism.)

"Management is responsible for making sure that proper attention is given to ,and that controls are in place for promoting compliance with our code of conduct and specific addressing each area. Employees who fail to abide by these company policies will face corrective action, up to and including termination of employment."

Mr. Tederic, who is exempt from the code, practices racism without any punishment because he's white. Whirlpool is clearly subsidizing racism and poverty in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

My holiday wish for America and Whirlpool:
An America where no one is fired because they are Black.
An America where racism and sexism are not tolerated in the work place.
Further, an America where Black children are not kicked out of a pool because they change the complexion of the facility.
An America where no one denies interracial couples the right to marry.
An America where no one is arrested based on the color of his or her skin.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
More Evidence of Whirlpool's Culture of Employee Abuse

Judge: Whirlpool Must Pay Former Employee $1 Million

December 22, 2009
By Mark Bellinger

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A federal judge has awarded a Rutherford County woman more than $1 million. Judge John Nixon held Whirlpool liable in a sexual harassment suit filed by an employee more than four years ago.

Attorneys for Carlotta Freeman told NewsChannel 5 it was a classic example of a hostile work environment and Whirlpool has to pay.

Freeman worked at Whirlpool in Lavergne for more than 16 years.

In January 2004, she worked on an assembly line in the air conditioner department, and what transpired over the next three months changed her life.

"She probably has the worst case of post traumatic stress disorder you've ever seen," said Freeman's attorney Helen Rogers.

"This has pretty much destroyed Ms. Freeman's life," said Freeman's attorney Andy Allman.

Rogers and Allman filed suit against Whirlpool saying the company violated Freeman's civil rights. Freeman did not feel comfortable talking to NewsChannel 5, but her niece did.

"She [Freeman] was terrified. She was just terrified," said Freeman's niece Amable Osborne.

During a trial Freeman's attorneys put on proof showing 56-year-old Willie Baker repeatedly made inappropriate racial and sexual comments toward Freeman.

"Then he started using the ‘n' word and different racial comments were made," said Rogers.

Related article:

Whirlpool Corp. to Pay Over $1 Million for Harassing Black Female Worker

EEOC Said Company Tolerated Verbal Harassment Culminating in Physical Assault

Monday, December 21, 2009

Media coverage of Whirlpool workplace racism and Rev. Edward Pinkney's court case

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

[Berrien County Commissioners either don't know about the extensive research and information on preventing recitivism by keeping prisoners as close as possible to friends and family while behind bars - or they could care less. Maybe both: if they did know they wouldn't care. And just guess who directly or indirectly controls every move the commissioners make?]

Jail visits will be by video in future

Face-to-face talks across a window will soon disappear
By Scott Aiken - Herald Palladium
Dec. 11, 2009

ST. JOSEPH - People visiting inmates at the Berrien County jail in the near future will no longer see them face to face through glass. Instead, they'll "visit" via video.
County commissioners decided Thursday to get bids for video visitation equipment and related building remodeling and professional services.
A preliminary estimate puts the cost at $297,000. The system is expected to be installed next year.
The video visitations will follow video court arraignments, which Berrien County's judges have used for years through a jail-to-Courthouse link.
With the digital technology in the jail, visits are conducted by television monitors in different parts of the jail. A monitor is to be placed in each jail dormitory for inmates to use. Visitors will use monitors in an area designated for the public.
Visitors now see jail inmates face to face through glass and talk by telephone.
Sheriff Paul Bailey said video visitation improves safety in the jail because it cuts the number of times deputies must move inmates outside their cell areas.
"They do not have to be moved around the jail," Bailey said.
Already in use in many places, the video equipment can also make it easier for people in jail to visit with their lawyers. It could result in inmates having more visits, Bailey said.
The county considered three options for a video visitation system. Commissioners favor the least expensive: converting the current visitation areas on the first and second floors of the jail.
The estimated costs include equipment, wiring, devices and furniture, the county's building and grounds superintendent, Patrick Sweeney, said.
The cost of the video electronics system is estimated at $260,000. Remodeling costs and professional services will make up the balance of the $297,000.
Two other more expensive options were considered and rejected.
One was to renovate the ground-floor jail lobby for use as the public visitation station. The complete video system, remodeling and other costs, including work to meet access standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act, would cost an estimated $325,000.
The board also considered using the Legal Aid of Western Michigan building near the sheriff's department on Port Street. System costs, remodeling and other expenses for a visitation station would total an estimated $358,000.
Sweeney told commissioners that the figures are only estimates and could be different from bids submitted by contractors.
The video equipment cost estimate was provided by one company that makes the systems, he said.
For years the county has used video conference equipment for court proceedings. Through a video link, judges in the Courthouse arraign prisoners being held in the jail next door.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Part 1 of the letter below can be found by scrolling down to December 15, 2009. On that same morning (Dec. 15, 2009) before part 1 was posted, Ms. Boyd was terminated from her Whirlpool job. She went to work and was told she no longer had a job. Whirlpool apparently doesn't even give employees the standard two week notice.

In Whirlpool offices, at least in Berrien County, Mich. and in Texas, the following ethics policy is not only ignored, but the exact opposite of it's intent is what employees experience: racism, bullying, and intimidation.

"Our aim is for Whirlpool Corporation and its worldwide sudsidiaries to be known, trusted, and respected as one of the top enterprises in the world. To do that requires strong financial and ethical performance. Whirlpool's Code of Ethics requires each of us to act responsibly and maintain the highest levels of personal business and legal conduct. That means walking away from a business agreement rather than violating the law or compromising our standards. It also means showing respect for those lives we affect and treat them as we want them to treat us whether that person is a supervisor, colleague, or subordinate."

--Jeff M. Fettig, Whirlpool Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer

CEO Jeff M. Fettig and supervisor Tedderic are both in violation of the Whirlpool ethics policy as stated above.

Part 2 of a letter, "When You Know You Are From Benton Harbor," given to Ms. Boyd by her male supervisor, Mr. Tedderic:

You know you are from Benton Harbor when after you wear something new you won't wear it for at least another 2 months. When you miss 1st hours cuz you were at IHOP. When you ate wing dings and cheese fries at lunch. When you thought Reality Check's prices were so high but still bought the stuff anyway. When you know who Willie Joe is or have talked to him and you have seem him on every corner drinking a 2 liter of beer. When you wear the birthday ribbon even though it ain't your birthday so you can get lunch. When you always trying to sell something. When you remember Rome coming to your school once a month. When you can't wait to get out of Benton Harbor, but come back to every event. When you were either part of or hated on one of the many groups, SwaveGirls, Monroe Boys, Mama's Girls and Boys, Sallies, 30's, Spiffy, etc. When people send you messages on my space about old Benton Harbor drama. When you still consider yourself to be part of the clique. When you either know, know of, or are related to everyone in your age range. When your father has at least 10 kids and only takes care of 5. When every woman in town worth dating has dated your friend, relative, is a relative of yours, or you have been there, and done that! When you think Fatsola is the best rapper in the world. When or if you can go to Donnie Page's porch and get your hair cut, smoke some weed, and watch niggas sell dope across the street all at the same time. When you are still talking about how many points you scored when you were on Sterne Brunson, West, Calvin Britain, etc. When you think DNR really stands for Duck N Run. When you ride around IHOP 30 times after the bars close. When you were there when Sinbad first put the black top down behind the rec and you remember the dunk contest that day. When you remember the klicknik or parties at the Captains Table. When you snuck in the YMCA to hoop on saturdays cause you knew everybody was gonna be there but you did not have any money.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It looks like Whirlpool might have a nationwide policy of corporate-sanctioned racism carried out by supervisors/management against employees (the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals is in Texas; post below is occurring in the Benton Harbor, Michigan WP facility)

White Employees Sticking Up For Black Friends Can't Be Discriminated Against
March 9, 2009 by Ellen Simon

Is it illegal to discriminate against a Caucasian employee against because of her friendship with and advocacy for African-American co-employees? According to a new decision from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Barrett, et al v. Whirlpool Corporation, the answer is yes.

In this important case, three Caucasian production workers sued Whirlpool claiming that they were retaliated against and subjected to a hostile work environment. They said it was because they were friendly with African American co-employees and stuck up for them when faced with racial hostility at work.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and 42 U.S.C. Sec.1981 both forbid discrimination on the basis of association with or advocacy for non-whites.

While admitting that association discrimination claims could be valid, Whirlpool contended that the plaintiffs' claims fell short because the associations with their black co-workers were only casual work friendships and not the type protected under these statutes. Only a significant association that extends outside of the workplace could give rise to a claim according to Whirlpool.

Put another way, Whirlpool argued that the only kinds of association claims which can be brought are the kind where an employee was discriminated against because of an intimate or family relationship with a minority like the cases where:

* an employer discharged an employee after leaning that his daughter was bi-racial (see 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Tetro v. Elliott Popham Ponitac, Oldsmobile, Buick, & GMC Trucks, Inc.) or
* an employer discharged an employee upon learning of an interracial marriage (see llth Circuit Court of Appeals, Parr. v Woodman of World Life Ins. Co.)

The Court rejected this argument and held (like the7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Drake v. 3M ) that associational discrimination could be found in the case of friendship between co-workers of different races:

If a plaintiff shows that 1)she was discriminated against at work 2) because she associated with members of a protected class, then the degree of the association is irrelevant. … The absence of a relationship outside of work should not immunize the conduct of harassers who targets an employee because she associates with African-American co-workers.

While the Court of Appeals found insufficient evidence to support two of the employees claims, it found in favor of the third -- Treva Nickens, a Caucasian woman who worked at Whirlpool since 1983 and testified:

* it was commonplace to hear racist jokes and racist slurs including he word “nigger”
* she complained on a daily basis about theses comments but that her supervisor refused to do anything to stop it.
* she was harassed for “hanging around with blacks”
* she was told that “she needed to stay with her own kind”
* when she reported the conduct she was physically threatened
* she was directly harassed by her supervisors
* she was denied promotions for higher paying jobs because she spoke out on behalf of her African American friends.

The Court also held reaffirmed the proposition that advocacy on behalf of African-American co-workers was protected. According to the Court:

As long as a plaintiff offers proof that she was, in fact, discriminated against because she advocated for protected employees, she may state a discrimination claim under Title VII.

The bottom line is that when friends stick up for their minority co-workers in the face of discrimination or harassment, and as a result are subjected to a hostile work environment, there is legal protection. I don't remember seeing another case quite like it.

What's more, there is little doubt that its reasoning extends beyond race and can be relied upon to protect co-workers who stick up for women, the disabled, or anyone else in a protected class if the individual is then harassed because of it.

This is an excellent case for the promotion of fairness and dignity in the workplace and one that all managers and human resource professionals should keep in their back pocket.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Supervisor Tedderic (spelling not clear) acts out Whirlpool-supported racism in letter to employee

African-American employees of Whirlpool report extreme racial tension in the corporation. (Rep. Fred Upton is the heir to WP corp. and is likely aware of it's policies - written and unwritten.) The letter, When You Know You Are From Benton Harbor (part 1), below is more evidence that racism is condoned in the WP workplace. It is well known in the African-American community of Benton Harbor that oppressive racism exists at WP, but most employees fear coming forward with their stories. One says, "Racism is so thick at Whirlpool that people are afraid to breathe." Another well-known fact is that WP has been sued many times (more than other corporations) by employees for workplace racism. WP generally loses.

Mr. Tedderic acted out his hostility in writing this letter, even though WP corporate policy (in theory at least) requires no racist behavior, no bullying, etc., etc. among all employees.

After studying and many other sites dealing with intimidation in the workplace, it's no wonder that the recipient of the letter below has had to seek psychotherapy. To have worked in this oppressive atmosphere, and then to receive this venomous letter of racial attack, it would be difficult to exist without getting help.

Ms. Boyd (name changed) had the courage to report this letter to not one, but two supervisors in WP upper management - to NO avail. That's right, absolutely nothing - not one thing - was done to rectify this situation. Ms. Boyd's supervisor remains free to dole out his abuse.

Rev. Pinkney's information is at the bottom of this website - please consider
contacting him if you are a WP employee willing to tell your story.

The letter, "When You Know You Are From Benton Harbor"

1. You know you are from Benton Harbor when you think Henry's is the best place to eat in town. 2. A fast food restaurant. 3. When you think Empire St. is like Hollywood, Cal. Empire is where all the hoods hang out. 4. When you think B-Jays or May street Market is the place to be. 5. Where all the dope dealers hang out. 6. When you have been to Meg's and when you went they had a fight. 7. When people think you talk country. 8. When you say Ben Harba instead of Benton Harbor. 9. When you say Don't nobody know where Benton Harbor is. 10. When you get a new outfit for everyday of the Christmas Basketball Tournament or any event. 11. When you think Apple B's and Steak-n-shake are the best sit down restaurants to eat. 12. When you were in a million and one activities in School. 13. When you were in Del-Teens, Kappa League, or Ivy Teens. 14. When you were a part of Benton Harbor band which is all Black. 15. When you watch MTV in the morning CUZ BET is not on yet! 16. When you have ran from speedy. 17. When you can't stand Benton Harbor but represent it wherever you go. 18. When you be the hypest at all parties. 19. When you actually know how to dance. 20. When you dress to impress you know you are black from Benton Harbor. 21. When you wear sun-glasses to the prom. 22. When you ran from the security guards CUZ you just got caught skippin. 23. When you are black you go home every weekend to get your hair done. 24. When you are black one of your favoritest slow songs ever was Ooh-Ahh by three piece. 25. When you are black you make up random words like I did in #22.

Part 2 will appear on this site within 2 days.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Granholm Wants Her Mansion on the Lake in Benton Harbor

How did Rev. Edward Pinkney learn that Gov. Granholm denied his commutation?
(Commutation would relieve Pinkney of the false charges which he was convicted of.)

He learned of her JUNE '09 decision several days ago. It was through a phone call from atty. Kelly Flint to the state parole board that the governor's decision was made known to Pinkney. Atty. Flint was informed that gov. Granholm's decision was mailed to Pinkney in June. As you can imagine, Pinkney was just a tad interested in the decision, and is certain that the letter never arrived in his mailbox. This shows a total lack of respect for Pinkney by the gov. and the parole board.

Pinkney says Granholm denied his commutation for several reasons.

Berrien County Judge Alfred Butzbaugh is a close chum of hers. Before she was gov., they served on the state bar board together, and as gov. she appointed him chief judge in Berrien Cty.

And, approving his commutation would make herself and Butzbaugh look foolish. Apparently, she isn't aware of how foolish she looks in the eyes of Michigan citizens already as another corporate shill, and supporting a Whirlpool-backed judge who states that Pinkney's paraphrasing of Dueteronomy 28 is a threat to him (Butzbaugh) and his family.

Lastly, she needs Pinkney out of the way for a smooth transition to ownership of her mansion on Whirlpool's stolen land in Benton Harbor. Keep Pinkney Quiet By Any Means Necessary is part of the Whirlpool/State of Michigan mission statement.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has kept crony capitalism alive and well in Michigan
Read about her immensely dissapointing role in Jean Klock Park: